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Is it asthma?

Hello everyone,

I have a problem, and I guess this forum is the best place to ask for advice :)

I have been coughing for more than four years now(I'm 21 now), I don't even remember how or when it started. It is like when you're recovering from a soar throat, you are not ill any more, but you are still coughing from time to time. After some time my father have noticed, and he urged me to visit a doctor, but being a stubborn teenager I didn't go for months. My cough was like a constant, not getting better nor worse. Then I thought, I really might have some problem I went to a doctor, she told me it will pass, and that she can't hear anything wrong with my lungs. Well - problem solved, I went to a doctor and she told me I'm fine...except I was still coughing... varying from ~2-3 to ~20-30 times per day

After some time my father told me to go again, and I did. This time I wanted more elaborate examination, she offered me x-ray...which proved there's nothing wrong with me for second time!

Then I came to the UK, and of course the change of the climate was my excuse to continue coughing undisturbed.

After two semesters time I have started working in a the production department. (smart move, eh?)

I'm not really sure, but it was around that time when the shortness of breath occurred for the first time.

In the beginning I felt the need to take a deep breath around 1-2 times per day, but since then It is getting worse.

Now I have to take a deep breath 3 times per minute sometimes. It's getting more frequent during the last few days, and the last few hours were really annoying. Sometimes it's happening two-three times in a roll, and I'm automatically yawning after that, I've noticed sometimes I want to yawn just to take a breath.

The shortness of breath feels like if I was in a swimming pool, with only my head sticking out of the water. It is difficult to breath (because the pressure on your chest I guess) can't really take a good deep breath. It is the same, except for the pressure on the chest. I do feel some tightness in the chest, but not that much as I would in a swimming pool .

I cant decide if it is worse after physical activity, but it is a fact that it happens when I'm not doing sitting in front of the computer for example.

I'm 21 years old, I live in Hatfield (climate is a factor).

My pulse rate was 65 few minutes ago, before dinner. I'm 56-57kg, and 170cm tall.

I've always been a sporty person, although in the last two years cycling was the only thing I was practicing- it's cheaper than the bus :)

I'm writing this, because most of you know how asthma starts developing, and you might be able to tell me in what stage am I? What to do to prevent it from getting worse? Is it asthma after all?

I am going to a doctor tomorrow, although I'm afraid I won't hear anything new.

I apologize for the long post.

Thank you!

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Hi Milko

Welcome to asthma UK

I am afraid we cannot give medical advice because we cannot see you and we do not know all of your medical background.

Asthma starts in lots of different ways, it may be or it may not be. I would suggest when you go and see the doctor ask if they think it could possibly asthma.

Hope your doctor is able to help you.



I agree. write out a list your symptoms and when they happen so you don't forget anything.

Best wishes on an answer or at least a pointer in the right direction.



Thank you, for the replies plumie and GrannyMo!

Don't worry, I realize you can't really make a diagnose on-line :)

Little update:

I went to a doctor today. First I spoke with the nurse at the uni.

I told her pretty much what I wrote here.

She couldn't say straight ahead if it was asthma, copd or anything else, if there was something. Can't blame her...

She measured my blood pressure, and my pulse rate, then took a few notes and told me to meet the doctor in the afternoon.

And I did so...

The doctor was another kind lady, she asked me almost the same questions the nurse did.

And equipped with my symptoms and the nurse's notes she measured the level of oxygen in my blood

(or at least that's what I heard). She then listened my lungs, and finally I had to submit an urine sample.

All the tests were fine, nothing unusual so far!

I've done my homework, so I asked them lots of questions about asthma, allergies, fungi etc.

And I was told there was nothing to worry about, yet. :)

Well, that's it for now really. I have an X-Ray, ECG and some blood tests that I can't decipher scheduled for tomorrow. After that, my next appointment with the doctor is on Friday, so I guess there wont be any update until then, unless my condition gets worse...or in some magical way this annoying 'thing' disappears.

Well, this might not be asthma after all, but at least it might be helpful for someone in a similar condition.

Thanks again!



Hello everyone,

Here is my next update (this started looking like a blog now, but oh well...):

When I went to see the doctor last time /Friday/,

he (this time it was 'He') told me the test are all fine.

He wanted me to get another x-ray of my chest, just to be sure,

blood test...for allergies this time and he gave me prescription for a Peak Flow Meter.

I'm blowing twice every day - morning/evening.

So far the difference is around 40 l/min.

I'm suppose to see a doctor again in two weeks time...

A lot of people contacted me, to make sure I'm ok - I really appreciate it!

Thank you again!



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