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Medical bracelet wording?

Just wondering if you could help....

I'm trying to sort a medical bracelet for my daughter but am stuck on the wording. Obviously I don't want to write too much as I don't want it an essay on it but at the same time I don't want to miss anything out!!

What have you guys got written on yours?

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brittle asthmatic, high steroid intake


Best with a sos talisman so can change it as meds alter xxxx


On front:



Carries Epipen

On Back:

List of allergies

This reminds me I need to update mine...:)


Do you put your name or nhs number on it? I don't really want her name on it. Is the nhs no useful or just confusing and muddled to read?

Was thinking 'asthma, steroid dependent, carries hydrocortisone'? Have I missed anything?

Not sure if a talisman is too bulky as she's only tiny.


could put Brittle Asthma your home and mobile number


could put Brittle Asthma your home and mobile number edit- that could be enough as ambulance would treat for Brittle asthma and you could then tell them what she is on.


Hi Emily

I didnt put Fraser's name on his but I did put my mobile number on.

Clare x


My dad has his medic alert no which ambulance services can access all his details from and diabetic.


If you are worried about having too much info, mine has 'Call for more details on it'. Mine is a Medic Alert one and someone from their medical team rang me to suggest changing what I had put slightly. You could even phone and ask them what best to put on.



Mine is a medic alert one:

Brittle asthma

Allergies: they are listed

Hearing impaired

It also has my medic alert personal identifying number and the phone number to call medic alert. As someone has said they are very good about helping you out with wording if you're not sure and they keep all your medical info up to date and can share it with other medical professionals when appropriate so it keeps your information safe.

Good luck!


When I got my medic alert bracelet I took advice from the asthma uk nurses. You don't really need to put a lot of info on there as it is all accessible if medics etc contact medic alert.


Mine currently says:

Anaphylaxis. Asthma, Adrenal Insufficiency. Steroid Dependant. Avoid NSAIDS, Carries Adrenaline


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