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Asthma in your sleep

Lots of threads/posts about not sleeping due to asthma which is massively annoying, and huge sympathy for that esp night after night.

But just wondering if anyone else gets asthma symptoms at night but doesn't really wake up properly, or at least is not aware of waking up? Had this last night - asthma has been bad in the last few days, bad today and last night had feeling during dreams of really tight chest and trouble breathing - fairly often through the night.

A few weeks ago I was definitely waking up - not for hours but dipping in and out and it was driving me crazy. That's the worst it's been sleepwise (seemed to be stopped waking up that much by Atrovent before bed) but I quite often seem to feel tight-chested and SOB in dreams (could just be thinking about it I guess) and then find it hard to wake up, feeling like I've not had enough sleep. I wondered if actually I'm not getting as much sleep as I think or as good quality sleep because of night-time asthma, but not really noticing this because I don't tend to wake up fully? Anyone else find this?

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Hi i was like this not waking but not waking properly, always tired and also feeling breathless and also (very embarrasingly) snoring, turns out i have obstructive sleep apneoa x


i dont always wake up, at least not straight away, though when cough is v bad i do wake up in the end. once when i had a chest infection, i woke my housemate up coughing, though wasnt awake myself. she then woke me up to give me inhaler and cough med, i found v annoying at the time, but it was v caring of her!


if I could like this, I would ;)

I'm in the same boat - on the rare occurrence I do sleep, I'm always as tired as I am when I go to bed the night before, if not worse. at this moment in time, I'm half asleep so I may not be making much sense.


I didn't think I was the only one though sorry you guys have had it too.

I feel like death warmed over every morning when I wake up, takes me a while to wake up properly and feel human enough to consider getting out of bed. Can't work out if it's the asthma and lack of sleep or the dizzy thing as that tends to make me feel weird sometimes even when lying down. Come on St Mary' can do this!

lol I sound like such a wreck! Things are not that bad except I need to get up earlier so I can get more work done - so easy working from home to waste time.


I apparently (according to housemates) regularly cough and wheeze in my sleep, souch so they can hear me downstairs! But when they come to check on me I'm fast asleep! I do also wake up on a regular basis ... Usually around 5am when my lungs decide they've gone long enough without meds lol!

B x


I am the same...people always tell me im coughing or wheezing in my sleep but it doesnt always wake up untill my body is screaming for meds in the early now for example!! God how i hate asthma sometimes and wish it wasnt who i was!!



i have the same, my kids are forever telling me that i wheeze and cough throughout the night, never feel like I've slept well x


yep me to

I used to just cough in my sleep

but now I can't wake up in time to take the inhaler

and then wake up when I relay can't breath

that is when I get to sleep because of the coughing

also can't lie flat anymore


I've been the same lately too. Even before the attack I had at work recently.

It gives me really weird dreams and then I wake up feeling as though I haven't slept :/

I found my inhaler in my bed and I don't even remember taking it :o

Hopefully the docs will sort me out on Monday ...13,000 yen (£100) later (I miss the NHS XD)


yup, so with you all, in the past as a child, i used to cough so much that my family would move the spare bed into the living room downstairs for me to sleep on so that my coughing wouldnt wake my dad (on-call GP).

my friend that i live with now (am a 40 year old adult) has woken me more than once with my inhaler because i was coughing and wheezy. i've fallen asleep with my inhaler in my hand.

i've slept but i dont feel as if i've had any sleep. tired. hard work being asthmatic in an acute phase!

all we have to hope for i suppose is that lungs agree to behave and we get some sort of rest.

take care to all. ><>


Well, I'm sorry to hear of so many others getting this but at least I'm not the only one - it can make it hard when they ask if asthma disrupts your sleep and you don't know except that you're really sleepy.

I keep falling asleep in my masters lectures - really annoying, because they're interesting. Also rather worrying; i haven't fallen asleep so easily when sitting still since I was an undergrad, and back then I was staying up at least twice a week all night or only getting a couple of hours because of essays (I had 3 papers going on at the same time, at least 2 essays a week...) So either I'm just getting older or I'm losing at least that much sleep without noticing properly. Though I also think the lectures coincide with my natural afternoon dip as the morning ones are usually ok - hard to concentrate but not usually actually sleeping.

The only thing that keeps me awake in lectures is caffeine - which I've found sets off my dizziness problem and makes me feel rubbish. I can't win lol!

Anyway rant/pity party over. Hoping everyone gets some sleep tonight...I'm dropping, need to at least make an effort and get to bed earlier.


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