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Muscle pain round ribs - not had chest infection

Anyone get rib/muscle pain related to asthma but not post chest-infection?

I have some, vague ache - not very serious and I'm not really worried about it, but I'm curious about where it's coming from. It was more on the left before, and so assumed it was related to the weird spinal thing I have which refers pain to left arm/shoulder. Physio thought it could be but not sure, now it's on both sides anyway - close to bottom of ribs in the bit underneath bottom of bra, mainly at the back/sides.

I have been coughing, but that's been going on for 7 months so don't think it's suddenly caused this! Haven't been coughing any more than usual (though that's still a fair amount).

Anyone else had similar? Don't think I need to do anything, like I said just wondering which falling-apart bit of me this is related to!

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When I have had a severe asthma attack then I get terrible muscle pain round my ribs.


Yes I have been getting this with my asthma and haven't had any chest infections. It tends to be when my chest has been tight for quite some time, often not really bad enough to notice much or do anything about, but then I notice this ache around my ribs and realise I'm not breathing right and need my inhaler. Have also had it for a day or so after having an attack and it was much more painful after the bad attack I had. I've put it down to having to work hard to breathe for quite a length of time.


if you have been coughing with asthma you will have sore ribs even if you havent had a chest infection, well i know i do. xxx


Thanks for replies everyone!

Does sound like it's related then - I was really confused by it being more on the left before, couldn't work out why I'd have it worse there unless it was the spine thing. But def. on both sides now some of the time - though the left is acting up more, has moments of being quite painful! Could be the cello practice I guess.

Not sure why it's appeared now though! Has been there a few days; I haven't really had an attack as I just have very persistent breathlessness most of the time which is more or less level, but it did seem to get worse on Thursday night and I went to OOH dr (who said things were ok and nothing urgent, but I had had about 12 puffs of blue by then - thought they didn't work but perhaps they did do something!)


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