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Should I appeal??

My DLA was up for renewal recently (I posted about it a few months back) and I got awarded the same as I was getting before. But I was hoping for something towards care, I have read the reasons why they think I'm not entitled to care (I used to get it had done for 18 years!) the one that stood out was

'' you are not at risk of fits and falls''

considering im epileptic and this was included quite alot in my form and even on the letter from my con I feel they have kinda overlooked it a bit.

So I'm just wondering really, should I appeal, I'm kinda thinking now they can't have read my forms properly if they have made a mistake??

Also before I was awarded it for 4 years now only 2! its really annoying cause if nothings changed in 4 years its unlikely it gonna change in another 2, can I appeal this

decison also? can I ask for a longer award?

Sorry all the questions...

Thnaks in advance


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not sure clair,just replied my husband and both sons have epilepcy,I also have ostio arthritis in neck,back.knees,hips and ankles and walk with a stick and got asthma and on lots of strong tablets and one morphine based and turned down for DLA.said I can walk at my own pace and stop for rests.I know lots getting it,walk great without sticks and need reporting but us that need it dont get it xxx


Hi Glynis, can i point out some people may be offended by your message. I was at first till i re read it. I can walk with out to stick, just not very far i get from my bedroom to bathroom and often and huffing and puffing. Other times i go to walk down stairs and fall down the lot because one of my joints just give way totally without warning. but neither of those need a stick all the time. but i went for a medical and the doctor said i defo needed mobility because otherwise i am totally house bound, as walking to the bus stop, i would either be in middle of road with collapsed joint or having an asthma problem at side of road.

Claire - I am not sure what to suggest, you have got mobility but maybe you should appeal and point out about what your conusltant sent. but be warned you could lose more. I am dreading when i need to re apply as i had to fight to get mobility as it was and i am sure i only got it coz i had a medical and a real person saw me. Just the other day i was walking from my car the office door which is all of 5 steps and next second i was lying on floor as knee had totally gone from under me.... days when both joints and asthma play up together i dont leave the house it safer that way, even shuffle down and up stairs on bottom with rests inbetween movements. I would push but be warned you could get less.

Sorry about essay ppl.


Sorry Plumie and Claire I have deleated the message.


In short yes appeal, they can only say no.




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