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help with the cost of driving lesson's

hi all hope this damp weather is no messing your asthma up to mum sister and step dad are moving to oz due to a job offer!myself and my husband do's not drive my mum takes us ever where, we get dla middle ratr for my son's asthma and i get carers aswell, is there any where that i could go to get help with the cost of driving lesson's?we already used the family fund this year and can not reapplie until june of us really needs to drive as its going to cost so much more to get ty to and from school when the weather is cold and damp also getting to and from hospital appointments!we only have my husbands sister left which drive's and she is over an hour away and works 40hs a week.ANY ADVISE WOULD BE A HELP AT THE MOMENT

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Are you getting mobilty componant of DLA if not then it is a certain no to help with the cost of driving lessons. And I have a feeling that even if you are getting it you can't get help unless you are the person getting the benefit. I know there was a time when it was thought I would not be allowed to drive and my OH is epileptic we asked if we could get help with one driving lessons for my son who would have to do the driving and were told no. It might be different with parents but I would not be surprised if the answer was no.



If you are in receipt of DLA higher rate mobility component and under 25 and also receiving income support you can get help with lessons from the motability people, other than that I dont know.


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