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Hi New Here

I have had asthma since I was 11 and I am now 16. I Use Seritide 50 at home and 125 when away (will explain!). I have to use a different dosage of Seritide when away as I am not to bad and rarely have any bad attacks by that I mean any that cant be controlled with inhaler.But, when I go away which is about twice a month for a weekend or so each time I have attacks that cant be controlled during the day I am fine but at about 2-3am I am very whezzy and could cough for England and boy does my cheast get tight. Any way in the last year I have had 6 amblences called with only one admission just ambo comes out nebs me and then fine :)!

Anyway, because of that doc recommended using a nebuliser that I take away with me. I had to be rechargable battery operated as I camp alot! Also that was small flying alot this year. So, got the Pari Boy Mobile S. Since then I have been allowed at camps and when bad only up 40 mins max rather then 2-3hrs to see if it would settle (leaders idea) then call ambolence then neb then details in back get the idea!

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wow thats a new one, i aint heard that before where do u go 'away' to if its the same place maybe there is a trigger there that is settin u off!!

anyway welcome to auk!!

katie xx


No different places Wales, Isle of Wight, France, Scotland, Peak Disrict and Hampshire! Not any contection and I am fine when away with family just College and Scouts! Docs think it may be home sickness even though I dont feel home sick he thinks it may be in the head! Also that I have aspergers syndrome and hate changes stress could also trigger! But, during exams which I was very stressed not any different! I am a wierd case!


Hi Mumble, strikes me that the things these weekends away have in common are being camping - are they outside? I am a guide guider and love to camp but tend to get quite wheezy when I'm away (in fact the camping thread started as me asking for tips to avoid hospital) although now I have worked out some ways to make things better. Do you camp in lightweights? I am much better if I am in a lightweight with sewn in groundsheet than in an icelandic. Also are you a bit of a pyromaniac? I love being near the campfire but it does make my chest worse. If I think of any other tips I will let you know.



Unfornational not just when camping! It would be good if it was infact the worse I have ever been was at the UKSA in dorms of 6! Tents are lightweight and are washed and re washed and then waterproofted if needed after every camp to help to get rid off any pollen ect!

Also, I tend to avoid campfire tooooo much nosie! LOL!


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