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piko vs mini wright peak flow readers

Hi all

I have both a piko and manual peak flow meter (EU scale). I have not used the piko recently as batteries were low and I was getting different readings from both meters. Bought new batteries yesterday but am still getting different readings - 146 v 210 !! Don't know which is correct so don't know what action to take.

Any advice greatly received.


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I have used both and tend to get diff readings like you. tend to work on basis that piko 1 is more accurate but don't know really.


The first Piko-1 I had gave very different readings to the Wright monitors I'd used and, having done a comparison, I got in touch with the manufacturer. They said they hadn't heard of many people noticing discrepancies in readings, but were interested to hear of my experience and said I should return the monitor to the pharmacy and ask for a replacement, which I did. The replacement was much more 'in line' with the readings from the Wright and I've been happily using this replacement for 9 or so months now. It might be worthwhile your contacting Ferraris (details at to see what they suggest.


i also have a piko 1 meter and mine also gives very different readings to my peak flow. the piko can be at least twice the result of my peak flow sometimes so ive given up on the piko and trust the peak flow more as well i just find it more belivable than the piko lol! ive hardly ever got the results the piko says i have, i let a couple of my friends have a go (i know i shouldnt do this!) and then made them do a peak flow and there readings where also very different. now im thinking from reading the reply below it maybe faulty!


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