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Hospital rant

I have just been realsed from hospital following 4 days in intensive care and am quite frankly getting extremly annoyed with reoccurent admissions i feel like i have no control over my asthma and its controling my life, im only 21 years old who was previously extremely active but now struggles to walk far. Has anyone had a similar problem and managed to overcome this to control there asthma better. The most disapointing thing is i missed my footballs team last game of the season although we do have a Fa cup final to look forward too hoepfully ill be well enought to go

Sorry for the rant


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Poor you, sounds like a nightmare. I don't know where you are based but if you are near London ask for a referal to the Royal Brompton to do their difficult asthma protocol they might be able to help you.

With regards to Football I am season ticket holder at Plymouth Argyle there is a crowd Dr and Nurse there and there will be at Chelsea, they know where I sit and I pop and see them before every match. I have had 2 huge attacks at football I am amazed they still let me in :) Chelsea should have a disabled supporters liaison they may be the 1st port of call. When I went to watch Arsenal stuff Argyle in the FA cup the staff there were fabulous I contacted them in advance their crowd dr came to see me before the match and they really looked after me. I obviously don't go to football if it is very cold or wet having said that if Argyle have a ""box"" free for an evening match in the winter they let me know and I can watch in the warm.

Good luck



Im already under the brompton awaiting a MDT meeting regarding xolair treatment, yeh it has been a nightmare epspecially as it seems to be holding me back and i have the attiudue let it control you or you control it if that makes sense, I have never thought of informing the club i have never had any issues at games but may be worth while although chelsea arent great in that respect xx


I helped set up the Plymouth Argyle Disabled Supporters Association and I have contact with the National Association let me see if I can find out who is the best person to speak to. I am in the RBH at the moment so have time on my hands to do something useful.



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