hair colour and allergies

hi all have been using the same hair colour for years , i usually get an itchy scalp but this time my neck chest and scalp are all itchy and spotty , am usuing a knitting needle at the mo to scratch my head can any one recomend a hair colour for people with allergies , latelyim finding things i have used for ages are setting me off, i did notice yesterday after putting the colour on started coughing by the way need good coverage as the owl grey threads are coming through many thanks any help would be great !!

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  • Hi,

    Same here. I've put off going back to the hairdresser for that very same reason. Mine is dyed blonde and the incoming roots are now white more than grey. Melds together so naturally that someone told me the other day she could see K was my daughter as we shared the same naturally blonde hair.

    Hadn't the heart to say yes, she is my daughter but that my own hair colour is dark brown and K's natural colour is red. LOL

  • hi Hudson,

    have you tried just using colour moose,you need to use it more but no bleach in etc.

    I carnt stand beeing in a hairdressers for long so I put a dye on my hair at home that is a perminent one but only on my head 30 mins and seem ok so far with it.

    love Glynis xxx

  • hair colour and allergies

    i use an over the counter box a ver y well known one and it was fine till lately my chest neck and back are covered in this hot itchy rash it looks dreadfull im tryn to hide it with scarfs think ill just go grey at 45 what you think i might be getting a divorce then !!

  • My doctor warned me that hair dye could cause allergic reactions, and I seem to react to a ton of things. I am young (30), but I'm thinking about going grey. Personally I think it's beautiful.


  • Try Henna Hair dyes, natural and less likely to cause problems!

  • hair colour and allergies

    thats great advice thanks a mil il try anything a week later and im still covered in rash yhe thoughts of going through this again in 6 weeks , they defo must have put a new ingredient in it , but my allergies are very bad a t the mo would you believe im allergic to the wire they put in underwire bras what next maybe an allergic reaction to my other half !!!!!

  • I have mine done at the hairdresser in foils.

    That way they don't touch the scalp & I don't have any problem. I have psoriasis, so it's important I look after my scalp--that's where I have it worst.

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