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Can childhood asthma return as an adult??


I had mild asthma as a child which dissapeared as a teenager.

Now I am experiencing a tight feeling in my chest, @ first it was only in the evenings,during the night and morning.

But now is constant.

I can breath ok, but feels tight and as tho i need to take a deep breath which i am unable to do.

I do not wheeze and don't have a cough, could this be asthma or is it something else?


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Hi! :)

Welcome to AUK, quiet lass!

Yes, a childhood asthma can return later on (I guess it quite often does, since the mechanism behind the symptoms remains even during the symtom-free times). Of course, I can't say you're having an asthma, but I strongly recommend you to go to see a doctor.


thanx for the welcome.

just unsure if it is asthma due to not having the weezing or cough symptoms.

and reluctant to go and see a doc when my symptoms are not really severe.

just a tight feeling in my chest.

but I suppose their is only one way to find out..


You don't have to have all of the typical asthma symptoms for it to be asthma and with a history of childhood asthma it could be that it is asthma that has returned. When I was diagnosed I just coughed a lot when excercising, things have progressed a bit from then and I can have any combination of symptoms these days. I'd say go and see your GP just to put your mind at rest if nothing else.

Hope it goes ok for you, take care

Sparkly Fairy


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