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A gentle reminder

Now that we are marching well into the colder months, the weather is unpredictable and many of us suffer more in these cold, damp conditions. If you are due for a review with your Asthma nurse/GP or have concerns about your Asthma please make the time to attend your GP Surgery. It is important that you attend for your review appointment even if your Asthma is well controlled.

I know we are all very busy, we have many demands on our time, however our health is so important, as fellow sufferers I know you will agree, so make the time, you are all important and special but without good health you will not be able to enjoy all that life offers.

If you have any concerns about your condition and really are finding it difficult to attend your surgery, book a telephone consultation and speak to your GP and take it from there.

ps. Dont forget to book your flu jab.

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