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chest infection... again!

Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone else is prone to chest infections as this is the third one I have had since march. Its really strange because before that I had never had one! I start of with a flu type virus then end up with an infection which sets my asthma off. anyone have any ideas why this is happening or what I can do to prevent it as Its really getting me down



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Chest Infection

Hi Smithy,

Your like me I just got over my 3rd infection which was worse than my previous 2 infections last year.

I ended up on 3 courses of antibiotics.

Like me I keep asking to my doctor why I keep getting these chest infections & how to prevent it happening, apparently he said to me I'm more prone to catching infections, I'm going to take multivitamin tabs to build up my immune system.

Hope you find out some info.

Take care


yep, same here, think its my fourth now lol! On Oxytetracyine 250mg at the moment.

cos your lungs are weaker than most peoples, it makes you prone to chest infections. however, its even worse if like me you have problems with mucus and just cant seem to clear out your chest.

hope you get better soon


'chest infection... again!

Hi to you both

Like you I've just got back from the doc's and yet again I've a upper respirtory and chest infection so on even more antibiotics I feel as thou I practically live on them I take s o many meds it just get me down having no energy Having trouble keeping my work up together only doing about 2 hours aday so I'm falling behind. This heat is definiatly doing us all in when will it cool down

Hope you both feel better soon



I've tried taking vitamin c tablets and multi vitamins at the same time, I went to the health food shop as they are supposed to be better quality. I still ended up with a chest infection although my nails, hair and skin are much stronger and healthier! Its very frustrating. I don't feel like I can take the vitamins while I've got a chest infection as I've got pred and antibiotics to take as well as my other tablets, inhalers, nasal spray etc. I feel like I've had an extra meal without adding another two tablets to it.



Hi Smithy

Hope you are feeling ok:-)

Don't know if this helps; my doc put me on an antiobitic a day for a 3 months now as i had 2 chest infections after christmas which then led into pleurisy. So far, touch wood, i have fought off another one, but i have also changed jobs so don't have to commute and don't go in areas with smoke etc. So not sure if all contribute, think winter may be the tester. My doc suggested wearing a cycling mask if commuting to stop breathing in viruses - maybe we should all try it and have little message to each other on our masks:-) our secret club heee heee - i haven't tried this one yet:-)

Hope yours shifts quickly.




Hi my daughter who is 5 has had a chest infection every month since October last year .She ends up on 40mg of pred for 8 days and a 7 day course of antibiotics which dont usually work and we then end up in hospital on IV antibiotics,more pred and lots of nebs.I'd love to know why she gets so many yet my 4 year old daughter rarely gets any illness and she was 11 weeks prem and was on a ventilator


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