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port a cath

i need some advice please i was due to have my porta cath removed on Thursday last week but unfortunately due to home circumstance i was unable to have it done

then they have phoned today to say i have to have it done this week as it has become infected around my skin and the surgeon is not willing to let it stay in any longer,

My surgeon said he could take it out in his little surgical room. I was just wondering. Do they give you a local anesthesia? (as no mention of my OSA was mentioned and i know they do not like given me anesthesia due to that,also is there much bleeding or soreness afterwards? also can it not wait till next week I would much appreciate any info on this as this is my first time i have tried ringing but surgeon is not back till Thursday and that is the day he has booked me in so this is just great have no contact now for info and he is not back until the day he wants me to go

kind regards JB

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Although I have never had a port, I have had a hickman and boyfriend who has cystic fibrosis has had a couple of ports.

If your port is infected you are a risk of getting septicemia. It was the reason both me and my boyfriend had our lines removed. I had MRSA septicemia, I don't really know how describe it, ill just isn't the right word. Before I knew I had it I slept about 22hrs a day with a jacket on and quilt over my head, the light hurt, noise hurt and the slightest change in temperature made me cry. My temperature hit 41'c at one point and I just kept waking up and throwing up even though I had eaten in days. I went to out patients and my GPs putting my foot down saying something was very wrong, I was fobbed off with a penicillin based antibiotic and told I had a head cold. Eventually I was sent to A&E by a community nurse as I was suffering from dehydration. It was then they took bloods and when they first came back they didn't believe I had MRSA in my blood stream and put it down to being a contaminant from my skin. After more blood tests they agreed it must be septicemia and my line came out straight after that. I was growing MRSA on the line entry point also but it did not look at all angry or infected hence the reason why they did not believe it.

Port removal can be done with local. It is fairly quick and painless. My boyfriend said it was not as bad as having it put in, he did have quite alot of bruising around the site and was a bit sore for a few days but other than that he was fine.

If the port needs to come out let them take it the last thing you need right now is septicemia.

If you need anymore info please pm me


Tks xxxx


hi, i have had several ports and septicaemia that resulted in the port being removed, i have also just had the skin infected which as previously said does look infected but if the port is accessed can open the door for the bugs to enter thew blood stream. if your port is not accessed at the moment and you are just unwell with your chest, ie do not have high temp, shivers and shakes and feeling diabolical, then i dont see any reason why it is not unreasonable to ask if you can wait a week untill you feel better,

however just be aware there is still the chance you could be come septic, any sighns as just mentioned you must get it taken out asap.

the removal is much more simple, done nunder a local, you can stay sitting up slightly if you are more comfy, you will be a but sore after but simpl pain killers is all that is needed, again there shopuldnt bemuch bruising not like when it goes in, it also shouldnt take long, you may may be given anti bs to cover you if they know the germ causing the infection, the infe3ction will never go with anti bs whilst the line is in which i know is very dissapointing, i liked my port as it was so easy to manage with it all secure under the skin, they may be able to put in a new one in a week or so probably on the other side to give the skin a chance to heal.

i hope this helps, best wishes, george x


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