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under weight


This isn't that important but was just wouderong if any could give a bit of advice.

Just manage 2 espace from hospital, When i was in the doctor seemed 2 be quite concerned about mi weight, usual con has never really seemed that bothered, so i was just woundering if i should be concerned and try 2 gain weight or just carry on as normal.

I am about 5 foot 7 (just under) 53 kilograms( 6.12 stone) 15 year old female, any info would be helpful



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don't worry i have just been in the exact same position i am 20yrs, 4ft 10 and weigh just 6and 1/2 stone. no-one has ever commented before but this time all the docs were complaigning. They got a dietition to see me who just said that it was a combination of wakeful nights, servere attacks and medication. i was told just to eat a varied diet, but to snack more. xxx



As long as your happy and your dr's + con's are happy and your eating a healthy, balanced diet, i really wouldn't worry about your weight, just relax and be happy :o)



For Chloe

Chloe, at 15 you have seemingly had a height growth burst but haven't started to lay down the necessary female hormonal fat reserves, so as long as you are eating really well and taking in the right amount of protein, carbohydrate, and a bit of teenage junk etc, don't get unduly stressed.

I was a stick thin teenager and the last in my class to gain any kind of female bulges in the right place-that's just how some of us are.

Your Doctors would be right to be concerned if you had suddenly lost quite a bit of weight (I think you meant 43 not 53kgs, btw). Sometimes with an illness that drags on for a long time, and particularly asthma and breathing illnesses, eating can be hard, tiring, makes you feel full up too quickly, stomach pressing on lungs type of thing.

They should monitor your weight anyway. I thought it was par for the course that everybody gets weighted and measured at every appt.

Don't worry too much, and enjoy those hamburgers, people will envy your physique, I' sure.

Sus xx


thanks 4 the replys i did mean 43kg lol



For Sarah

Hi Sarah, Your Docs are correct when they say low weight can be caused by your illness when there is a combination of lack of sleep, coughing, some meds pushing up metabolic rate etc.

The splatty severe asthma I have had for much of the last year and a half has had my Docs saying when I am lying in bed ill, my body is burning as many calories as if it was running in a marathon.

Again, at 20 and of petite stature, you are not naturally going to look like a Russian weightlifter, are you! (no offence to any Russian weightlifters who post on AUK)

So much of what I said to Chloe applies to you, as long as your weight is a stable thing and you haven't suddenly lost lots, enjoy your food and don't let it bug you.

Hope this helps.


Hope you don't mind me pontificating about low weight issues...

...most people here know I virtually wrote the book about asthma and weight loss, so I do know what I am on about, as I am really struggling myself to gain weight with this splatty illness. But I am more like middle aged compared with you both, and have lost about 10kgs pver the last year because of my illness.

But for anybody else worrying, if you are young and female, like Chloe and Sarah, your body's have a lot of work to do in order to deposit the required amounts of female hormonal fat reserves, and everybopdy will 'develop' at a differnet rate, and yes, long term illness can cause some of your bodily functions to shut off a bit, so you may find you haven't grown much or haven't put on much weight compared with your school friends etc.

Just enjoy life, don't let it worry you, and above all, concentrate on keeping your asthma under control!

Hugs, Sus xx


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