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Hi guys (as he puts on his Prof. Heinz Wolff wig),

I am currently trying to obtain PDF copies of some published research papers which I believe can be accessed through Medline. The only other option I can think of is to access Medline from the Erskine Medical Library in Edinburgh. I have done this many years ago, but I am not sure if this would still be possible (not being a med student/doctor).

Would it be cheeky of me to ask if any fellow campers could help?

If you are able to offer some help, please drop me a pm.

Take hair,


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  • ...Oh, forgot!

    And no, I'm no trying to research wig allergy syndrome LOL

  • Hi Deek, I did have an athens password at some point in my dim and distant past, I will have a look over the weekend to see if I can find it but (please excuse appalling pun) don't hold your breath cos it'll be amongst stuff from about 9 years ago! My access to Medline at the moment is via the BMA which is password protected - if you want to tell me the refs for the papers I could look and see if I can pull them off for you. Which may be a lot quicker than me looking for Athens!!


  • Hi Cathy,

    Thanks for your kind offer of assistance.

    I have also received a couple of PMs from fellow campers and as a result I have now been able to obtain copies of most of the papers that I was looking for. please call off the search party for 'Athens' for the moment.

    I would take this opportunity to extend a big thank you to those who sent me PMs, this has been a huge help for me to grasp a clear understanding of current/up to date research in my particular field of study.

    Take hair,


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