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about to give birth!

hi everyone! its been a long time since i have posted on these boards but after some advice as i dont see my chest cons for 2 weeks and have an appointment with my midwife and obstrition (sp?) on monday. anyway, i have brittle asthma (type 2) and just developed a chest infection (there's a surprise!) now im 36 weeks pregnant and im REALLY worried bout getting though labour in this condition. has anyone been in this situation and should i ask for a cesarean???

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hi oxanna

congratulations on the baby!

I have never been there myself, but would suggest you should have a chat with the obstetrician about this - he/she may well get advice from the chest folk. One thing to think about too is that if you start getting unwell, you need to get seen by a doctor sooner than you might otherwise - at this stage in pregnancy with all that baby pressing up on your diaphragm it is harder to cope with respiratory illness. It may be that they decide to do a section early because you aren't so well - by 36 weeks there should be no problem with baby. so I guess my suggestion is that if you feel breathless over the weekend you should get seen just to be safe.

hope all goes well



Hi Oxanna, the hormone boost through labour may actually help your asthma, it did mine. They would probably be reluctant to give you a GA for a ceaasarian but may opt for one under epidural. Just make them aware of what has been happening because they will be concerned about you getting too tired and then your lungs not wanting to work properly. They may also be wary about you using gas entonox. Have you got another maternity con appointment soon?


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