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Bricanyl Respules for S/C ??

Hi everyone,

I just want to run this past your wise ears and wonder if anyone else has had this?

My consultant at home suggested that maybe this could be an idea as my S/C dose is going up and up at the moment, and the respules have 5mg of bricanyl in 2mls whereas the ampuoles only have 0.5 mg per ml and my consultant says there is no difference is the chemical makeup of the two, obviously it would be off liscence! It would mean that I didn't have to change it through the day which can be difficult when at uni plus it beeps at 10mins intervals for an hour before it runs out, which annoys everyone in lectures and is embarrassing lol!

My con said to consider it and we can review it if neccessary, I think i will run it past the brompton, but just thought I would see if anyone else knew about it. Will it really be safe and as good as the ampuoles?

Anyway any ideas / input greatly apprecieated


Libby x

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Hello Libby,

How much bricanly are you using at the mo. eg mg or mls over 24 hrs.

At one stage I was using 15mg / 30 mls over 24 hrs which was a lot to cope with.

(2 x 20 ml syringes with 15 mls in over 24 hrs ran at twice rate for each syringe.)

I now use ventolin IV ampoules as these are 1mg / ml and are more concentrated. This lestens the problems from pooling at sites etc as less volume.

I have heard of respules being used and as long as your carefull drawing it up , should be safe as it is only s/c and not IV.

I would be very cautious of just increasing the dose to higher and higher levels as when you need IV stuff like ventolin you can end up needing silly doses of the stuff. Your body can become tollerant to the drug and need ever increasing doses of the stuff.

Volume wise, respules would be good as less is pumped in causing side effects from pooling and tissuing.

I had to be weened off s/c full time because of the problems it caused with both my heart and needing whacky doses of IV ventolin when ill.

Hope this helps and let me know your current dose.




Hi Kate

Thanks for the reply and thoughts!

At the moment I'm on 12mg or 24mls, which is split into two 12mls in 20ml syringes if that makes sense! I have the McKinley pump which is digital so the hospital set the volume and infusion duration then lock it and give it back to me, its similar to the grasby but a bit bulkier and get through a lot more batteries lol!!

I have not thought of using ventolin, may inquire about it next time, nor had I thought of the implications in an accute situation, as I almost always have IV salbutamol. I have noticed since having higher doses that I have more leaky sites at times and hard nodules forming where the needle has been, is this due to more volumeand higher doses?

Im hoping the lungs start behaving more soon, I think they have a mind of ther own, whenever I start soething that I want to do to try and live a more normal life they throw a wobbly and try their best to make me immobile and confined to the house, grrr! I don't think I can afford to increase anymore, I dont think I have any other options?

Anyway thank you

Libby x


Hi i have been using respules for s/c use for about a year now, the only difference between the inj and the respules is a preservative thats all. I does become a bit of a nuisance if you are admitted and the drs don't know and you have to explain to some pharmisists but it is ok.


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