I stopped my uniphylin last night at cons instructions as have been started on Azithromycin and the two cant be taken together. Was a bit worried at first even though i know on oral dose it only has anti inflammatory effect on me as am always sub theraputic. This is covered by the anti inflam effects of azithro. Anyway have really noticed a difference in that i dont feel as edgy? or hyper as do when on it? so theres hope that maybe tonite will sleep a bit better as long as thunder holds off!!!

Andrea xx

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  • Hello,

    I have taken the two together for about three years with no problems. I had to drop my theophylline dose slightly as the azithromycin raised the levels, but other than that no problems.

    Did your consultant say why you shouldn't take them together?


  • Yeah he siad they interact? i trust him completely as he one of the top severe asthma docs? so no reason to doubt? would rather be safe than sorry, if the theoph had bronchodilator effects to me a would maybe argue but as it doesnt not worth it, it 2 tabs less a day and as i said i feel better for less side effects without worsening asthma?

    Andrea xx

  • Really pleased it is working for you. Perhaps hte interaction he was referring to is the increase in the theophylline level? Certainly I did have to drop my dose from 500mg twice a day to 400mg to prevent hte level getting too high. I am under the care of Heartlands and I think they have lots of patients on both treatments. I've had no problems at all so far and I really think it has made a significant difference to my asthma. I didn't have problems achieving therapeutic levels though, so undoubtedly get more benefit from the theophylline than you would have done.

    Hope the improvement continues,


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