I've just rung up the brompton for my recent IgE results. I was told I had a grade 2 reaction to wheat last year and after becoming completely fed up with salad for lunch i demanded they repeat them last week!!

I have the results and the reference ranges but unable to find the grading (have googled to no avail). I can clearly tell my grass pollen is ridiculous as it had an exclamation mark by it as well as the value. However, i want to grade my wheat and see if i can reintroduce some good old bread into my life. I am above the reference range but want to know how much it will affect me.

Any help/ideas would be much appreciated.


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  • No overly helpful but I think they only go upto a max of over 100 so anything that is marked over 100 is pretty high.


  • thanks bex, got my overall IgE, i know that's ref range u mention (norm is 3-150 at rbh) but if u test specific allergens u get graded reactions with RAST and norm is less than 0.35 apparently.

  • I was told by RBH that scale runs up to grade 6 with that being the ""most severe"" allergic reaction.

    No idea what the values run at or implications - will ask when get my results next week as i'll need to know too!

  • This may be incorrect or even more confusing to most non technical people but i found it on the Kent and Medway pathology site under allergy reference guide KMpathology.nhs.uk

    IGE KUa/L IGE grade

    100+ = 6 strong positive

    52.5+ = 5

    17.5+ = 4

    3.5+ = 3 positive

    0.7 + = 2

    less than 0.35 0

  • Marmite, thats brilliant thanks!

    Let me no what RBH say as my wheat is only grade 2, just (0.71) and i'd love a sandwich!!!

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