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harrisons sulci

can anybody help, my 3 year old nephew has had asthma for 2 years and last week he had sum x-rays and the hospital have phoned his mum up today and have said he could have harrison's sulci, does anybody know wt this is please. his mum is worried and i cant find anything solid on the Internet so i thought i would ask you guys as you are all well informed. thanks in advance Jill xxxxx

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Its a deformity of the ribs...I'm afraid I don't know anymore than that though.

claire x


Yes it is a chest deformity seen in children with chronic respiraratory conditions such as asthma and also in children with rickets. There is a depression at the lower edge of the thorax at the insetion of the diaphragm. The depression It causes gives the chest the appearance of a pear. Treatment depends on how severe the deformity is.


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