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Arterioveneousanastimosis (fistula)

Hi.As anyone out there got a fistula on their arm due to having no i.v access left?I did have a portacath but after two boubts of septicaemia my consultant won't do another one. Instead I am being referred to the renal team at Portsmouth hospital to have a fistula done (they combine an artery with a vein to get much bigger and better access for i.vs). It's not very pretty though.Or has anyone got a device where i.vs are given or had a procedure done to make it easier?thanksLesley

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maybe I could help you, my Son was on dialysis for 22 years and he had a fistula. If I can help you I will with pleasure


iv access

Hi I am new to messages but have been reading old site for quite a while. I have had numerous port a caths, hickman lines and pic lines. Ivaccess is always a major concern last twice managed on femoral lines but it is a constant worry. Am on massive doses sub cut at moment but not really coping



Hi Leslie I got your message but couldnt read it I am having probs with logging on to message board so I have had to rejoin as jancy193. If you would like to email me again you can get in touch with me at (address removed - please don't post contact details!! - thanks, CathBear)

regards Sheila


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