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Re:- Do I take my inhaler first before i do my peak flow reading?

Hi there

I have been advised to start doing my peak flow readings before i attend my asthma review, i have both an electronic peak flow meter and a Mini Wright Peak Flow Meter, had them for a couple of years, but have hardly used it...

I forgot to ask and i can not remember from past experiences whether you are suppose to take the peak flow readings before or after you take your inhalers.

Wondering whether anyone on here can help me.

Kind Regards


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Always before, and preferably no reliever meds in the previous 4 hours. Something I do occasionally is take a peakflow reading an hour or so after using the daily meds, see how much of a difference they do make, but you can't count that as the reading you need.


I do peak flow before my medicine and at least 15 minutes after it. As sometimes the meds can lower it. I do it in the morning and night except when unwell when record before all doses of inhalers and nebs


I do mine before meds and then half an hour after meds. My records look like a rainbow, I have blue dots for controlled asthma before meds, black dots for controlled asthma after meds, red dots for un-controlled asthma before meds and green dots for uncontrolled asthma after meds. I also record coughing and weither my sleep was dsitrubed or not due to asthma. I also mark with a pink high-lighter when it is monthly time, orange highlighter when ill and yellow highlighter when on anti-bios or steriods


Thank you for your replies

Thank you to everyone who replied to my question.

Take care



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