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Feeling a bit scared!

My asthma as always been up and down but now its taken a big nose dive and never been so bad.Winter last year I was on steroids most of it,and now taken a further dive with my asthma and MD. Hard at the moment get my head around it having two long term problems.Not been on as often as I normaly do as just to worn out with it all.Glad got you guys on here as dont know anyone in my real world with asthma.I will bounce back and be on alot more i hope.Love glynis xxx

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hi Glynis. this is just to say that im sorry youre having such a tough time with both asthma and MD atm. just so you know you are not alone, and i understand in some ways how difficult this can be. i also have multiple medical conditions (one or several of which are not yet completely diagnosed), and i seem to think that others on here have similar multiple issues. please feel free to rant and rage as and when it may be needed. feel free to pm me anytime if i might be of any help or support.

all the best. be strong!



Hi Glynis, so sorry your having a rough time at present. It's awful when everything flares up at once isn't it, I completely get that. I really hope the Docs can give you some relief soon and you start feeling better very soon.

I completely felt alone until I found you guys on here as well, it's weird how just knowing theirs people feeling the same way out there that you've never met can make you feel loads better. That you can a basically have a rant, chat whatever and no-one thinks bad of you for it.

I personally have a constant battle with several stomach conditions that all mess each other up, a hernia and messed up diaphragm that doesn't work as well so I'm in constant pain with acid burning my throat, which messes with my asthma and chronic cough. Just feels like they get one set up of conditions under control and the others flare up and it gets me down all over again.

If you ever need to vent, rant or just talk just PM me :)

Keep your chin up and in the words of my Mum, have an STA Day ""Stuff Them All"" xxxxxx


Thanks hanna and MooMoo xxx


Hi Glynis,

I'm really sorry to hear that you are not feeling very well at the moment, I also have multiple conditions and when they all start playing up at the same time it is exhausting and people who are healthy just don't understand and don't know how lucky they are. I was feeling VERY depressed yesterday because it was just all getting too much for me and basically all I got from my brother and husband was why are you being so silly and pull yourself together there are people worse off than you which I know is right but when you are in so much pain and so exhausted you need someone to be on your side. I was in floods of tears on the phoned to my mum

and I know that she felt helpless because she couldn't do anything but I just needed someone to talk to. I really do hope you feel better soon. Take care x x x x


Hi Glynis

I think that most people here understand how isolated you can feel when your asthma is being particularly difficult. For me, finding this site and realising that other people knew how I was feeling and understood how difficult asthma can be was amazing because, like you, I didn't know anyone with asthma and for years (when she still had her marbles) my mother kept telling me that I was imagining many of the sypmtoms and making a lot of fuss about nothing. The knowledge that I can come here, say how rotten I feel during a flare-up and find support and understanding has made a huge amount of difference to my life.

I'm sending you a big hug and hoping that you get through this difficult patch soon.



Hope you feel better soon Glynis and get over this bad patch. Helen1, also hope you get through this and are helped by this site.

Like everyone else who's posted this site has been great for me - my friends are generally reasonably understanding but I don't like to moan at them and talk about it too much and my family has been understanding up to a point but kept going on about was I sure it wasn't just tension and why did I want there to be something wrong with me (which I didn't like but did understand as we have all had rather a lot to deal with recently without worrying about this as well). Still, it's been great on here to have people who do get it.


Thank you everyone xxxx



Its such a relief to read some of theses stories on the website even though they are not nice and hard to live with. It as helped me to understand that i am not alone. Yet at times i feel so scared and wonder what is happening to me. Doctor says i get depressed due to lack of oxygen and copd on lungs due to down to twenty per cent in both lungs. Its hard to relax and this makes me worse. I am going to read more on this website and i realise that i am not alone. Thank you everyone for sharing your troubles and hope you all get the best treatment as possible. Take care.


Thank you all for beeing here for me.Been a really rough time with asthma and MD .Had a better day today and fingers crossed lungs starting to settle down after a big splat.Great have u guys on here ,it helps alot beeing a member of AUK and dont feel so alone not having anyone in my real world with asthma.its got alot worse over the years and im first to admit this time has scared the hell out of always glynis. X


Know exactly what you mean glynis as I felt exactly the same when I was bad in the summer. I felt that I would never be back to normal and was just so exhausted even though I couldn't manage to do much. I did get better eventually although it was hard, but agree with everyone else who has said that support on here was great (thanks Philomela & Honey!)


Take care Glynis and I hope you are on the mend and its so true what you say you dont feel so alone when you got your AUK family to support you through the good times and the bad even more the ugly side of asthma sending hugs to you love kerry-anne xxxxxx


You bounce back Glynis, its alright to feel scare its what you do with the fear that matters. Get all the help you need and take care.



Thank you everyone xxx feeling loads better today xxx 80)


Asthma went splat again and had to phone the doctor.

Got to stop a new med that was put on by ENT as triggering a severe reaction to my

lungs. MY con said should be ok for asthma and my asthma team said they do have people on

it with asthma so see how i go.

Tried them again and lungs went mental again xxx


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