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Hayfever and asthma????????

Hi everyone hope you coping well!

Having a really bad time with asthma at the moment,seems to be made worse by hay fever? i really dont know how this happens, just the tight chest and coughing seems worse and along with the hay fever symptoms feel quite rubbish at the mo! cant seem to make it better.

Any ideas,suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated!



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Sorry to hear of how awful you are feeling.

I keeping telling people on here to google Vitamin D, D3, with regard to asthma and hayfever. Vitamin D3 is anti-inflammatory and there is a great deal of recent research showing that supplementing with high doses of Vitamin D for 3 to 6 months can reduce the symptoms of both hay fever and asthma.

Vitamin D switches on the immune system and, more importantly for hay fever and asthma sufferers, it tells the immune system to switch off.

There is a lot of detailed information that people need to take on board there and the likes of Professor Michael Hollick and Dr. John Carnell are leading experts in this field.

Or watch this 60 minute video


seems like a lot of us are in the same position with pollen at the moment.

I find the only way is unfortunately to stay indoors. :(

And take each day as it comes!

bumped up the other thread on the general forum. :)


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