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Freeway Elite

I have recently purchased one of these for use both as a workhorse and when travelling. I am having issues with the battery life on it and just wanted to see if this was normal before I ring the people I brought it from. Even if the battery has been fully charged and not used, if I dont use it for a couple of days and then go to use it, it is flat. This is not particuarly useful when I need to neb! I wondered if this was to be expected or whether people think I have managed to get a faulty battery.

Any help appreciated


ps I have run it totally flat and recharged it 4/5 times and the battery life has not improved.

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I also have a freeway elite and mine appears to be working fine, it keeps its charge and *so far* hasn't let me down.




Have just put the battery back on to mine, was charged weeks ago and it has just run for a few seconds OK on Green. I will use it for the next few nebs on the battery and try to remember how long it lasts on the battery.

The Batteries are guaranteed for 6 months.

When new, you have to fully charge for 16 plus hrs I think. Flattening & recharging is supposed to improve batteries so sounds like you may have a dud.


I brought mine from Evergreen so think I shall give them a call tomorrow and ask. Would be fab if you could let me know how long yours lasts Kate. I went to neb off mine the other day and it went straight to red. I hadnt used it since I charged it. Was very glad to have my Omron in the car!

Thanks peeps




Battery life

I know for a fact that there have been some problems with some of the ""freeway elite's""... it sounds like yours could be one of the ones that its affected.

I was offered a new one and on its delivery they picked up the faulty one! ... my new one is working like an angel ! .... actually using it as I write this

Good luck

Hugs from the Orkney Isles



Ummmm, battery showed red light within a couple of minutes. Battery now on charge and I will get back to you as to how long it lasts on a charge!

6 weeks not being used = lost charge! LOL!




I have a freeway, thou it's barely used- the battery isn't that great on it.


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