I was at clinic today and it was mentioned that two patients at my hospital have been lent the above machine to trial, to see if reduced HDM exposure at night would improve their asthma. I am considering asking to trial it. I just wondered if anyone on here had any experience of the machine and whether it made a difference or not. Google hasn't told me much to be honest. If you go on google and search for ""airsonnett protexo"" the website comes up.

Looking forward to finding out if anyone has any experience of it.

A very Intrigued Emma


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  • I've been trialing this machine since december to help with allergys. The company have given my Consultant two for 1 year then after that he will have to go to the PCT for funding. Hmmmm can anyone guess what the answer will be?

    I cant say really if its helped as my asthma has been horrendous and once the machine is in place at home its difficult to move if admitted to hospital, etc, the whole point is continuous use not intermittant to get the full benefit. Its drug free so I jumped at the chance. Its slightly noisy and I have bashed my head a few times (well most nights if I am honest lol) as the bit that goes directly above your head when sleeping is like an upsidedown giant microphone (as described by my daughter).

    To be honest it will be heart destroying if I see a dramatic improvement in symptoms only for it to be taken away after the year is up.

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