Mixing bleach and urine - is this the cause of asthma?

Here's a theory as to the cause of asthma which is not currently being researched. It would be interesting to hear your views.

Asthma arises because we put bleach (Sodium Hypochlorite) down the toilet; we leave it to do its work, sometimes overnight, we then, too often, use the toilet without flushing it beforehand.

The mix of urine (containing ammonia) and bleach reacts to give off a small dose of Chloramines which we breathe in and which causes the damage to our lungs.

Repeated regularly the damage becomes significant. Our damaged/weakened lungs become less hardy and more sensitive to our environment. Triggers that we would not previously have reacted to suddenly begin to affect us more. For some, exposure to these triggers leads to an asthma attack.

This theory is supported by evidence linking asthma to the levels of hygenie in a household and to evidence linking asthma to swimming pool users.

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  • well an over chlorinated pool caused my asthma. I know for a fact.

  • mine had a variety of causes, from genetics (both my mother and grandmother have it), my mother smoking whilst pregnant with me, smoking throughout my childhood, living in damp housing as a baby, croup, chest infections and then my lungs became damaged by frequent pneumonias.

    Yes there is the link between asthma and the mix of urine and bleach, but unfortunately using bleach or some antibacterial agent in a home is necessary precaution, as my partner's old flat was never cleaned with ANYTHING and it, and his dad's place, were tested to be the cause of my worst infections, which nearly cost my life. I am not one to use loads of it, but I have to say, I am not opposed to throwing a bit down the loo every week or so.

  • But did u pee in the pool woody !!!!!

  • Gussypoo, oi, peeing in the pool is disgusting.

  • But not as bad as pooing in it :-)

  • Suppose it depends on the poo !!!! There is the loose. Normal or the constipated stool. Constipated one always puts me off malteesers for some reason ..... Ha ha ha ha

  • This thread would appear to be descending into lavatorial humour.

  • GM, I tend to agree it's going down the pan.

  • just a touch! then again, when its discussing bleach and urine, i guess its only natural to consider the other side. Went to partner's dad's place at christmas and ended up using the loo (i was avoiding it at all costs as this is a guy that doesnt believe in ANY cleaning product) and the smell of ammonia was so bad i was retching and wheezing for ages afterwards.

    To be honest, the poo in the swimming pool actually reminded me of a story steve told me involving him not want to swim and a picnic bar... i'll let you all do the maths...

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