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Use of spacer device, confused?


I have recently started using seretide from an MDI and spacer device, this is the first time I have used a spacer device as previously I had used symbicort but it had got to the point where it was affecting my voice too much.

My asthma nurse told me to take 5 breaths when using the spacer whereas the leaflet that I got with the spacer says to take one deep breath and hold it. I was just wondering if anyone knew what difference this makes. I am going to stick to what the asthma nurse has said as she knows me and my circumstances but I just wanted to know if anyone could tell me what difference this will make and if it makes a difference to the way which the medication will work?



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I bought a volumatic spacer a month or so back, and the instructions say, 1 deep breath and hold, or 5 normal breaths.

I was clenil modulite and serevent, and thats why I bought the spacer, really sore throat, now using seretide, and still use the spacer. It was suggested I try symbicort, because it doesn't cause sore throats (different than what I've read), but I opted for seretide.

I do the 1 deep breath, but I've never been told to use a spacer. If you have trouble due to restricted breathing doing the deep inhale, then I can see the reason behind the 5 normal breaths. I don't think there is any difference in how effective the medication is with either method, it's more what's comfortable for the user.


Thanks very much. I was just a bit confused lol. How have you found using the spacer as opposed to just using the MDI? Do you find it makes a difference?

I know a lot of people who have had no problems with Symbicort but it seemed to affect my throat making it sore and my voice a bit husky, and the amount I talk that was no use to me lol.


I originally bought the spacer because of the sore throat, and I was on 1600mcg of beclometasone (Clenil Modulite) and should have been using one, but the doctor never told me that. Once I got over the chest infection and I reduced the amount, I still kept using the spacer, from what I've read you tend to get more of the medication into the lungs, and not at the back of your throat. I can't really say if thats true, but since using the spacer I've actually had my highest peak flow readings, only on a few occasions though, keep getting a cold/chest infection (time of year, not sure if thats normal, never had asthma until a few months ago, and not use to getting a winter colds). I'll continue with volumatic spacer as research has shown it to be as effective as nebuliser, but the aero-chamber spacer is even better, upto twice as good.


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