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Itchy skin but no rash... or bites!


No the fleas have not reapeared.... but the last week or so, my skin has been really itchy on my legs and sometimes elsewhere.

There are no bites from any critters and have not seen any of the previous suspects ( the fleas). It is driving me mad and the itches are quite sharp.

I have been down to 10mg of pred for over a month now and wondered if my body has decided it needs more pred? It get itchy with lowering pred and also if I stop my anti histamines ( I take them all year round now)

The other suspects could be the caterpillar invasion in the garden - hairy jobs ( Large white butterfly ones) shedding their hairs, getting on my washing etc, washing liquid, though I do use Ecover.

I had a reaction to the flea spray which dried on the floor and it had coated the inside of the Dyson, but dyson have kindly sent me a new cyclone bit free of charge as I couldn't clean it all out.

Anyone with any suggestions please? I am seeing my GP on friday anyway for Prescription review, so compiling a list of thinks to make the visit worth while! LOL.

Many thanks

an Itchy Kate


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Have you changed anything else drugs? shampoo? bath cleaner?

I can't dry my washing outside at this time of year not cos of weather unusually but cos i'm allergic to some of the wierd pollens and mould spores around at this time of year causes major itching!


ditto kate with the itching if i reduce pred esp if forget anti histamines - not found a cure yet other than increasing pred (not for itching but as chest decided it didn't like pred reduction!) but let me know if you have one!


Hello Marmite & Cal,

thanks for your messages.

I have been on the same dose of pred & anti hissies for over a month now and don't really want to up the dose just yet.

Meds - no change there unless someone has changed the ingredients....

Not thought about mould spores... I am sensitive to aspergillus so perhaps that could be it.

Caterpillars - I asked mum today and she had the same problem years ago when Essex had the invasion of the Brown Tail moths - the hairy caterpillars from hell!

I brushed my arm against the nastursiuns near a tomato plant and imediately felt the prickling!

So first suspect it the hairy-pillars, then moulds and possibly nastursiums.

Will see what GP says tommorrow.





I had a spell of very bad itchiness about a month into my first steroid treatment period-it was almost painful to take a shower ;again with no signs of anything rash-like and I occasionally get short spells of itchiness which maybe only last a day or so-never had anything productive in the way of ""pro active"" response from the docs though;just the usual ""its probably some side effect"".


Verdict = Caterpillars!!!! GP agreed it is the hairy little critters! LOL

Bluejam, yes I have also had itchyness after steroids.

Tis a common thing with reducing steroids after a time.


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