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Syringe driver makes and wheelchair friendliness


Peeps out there using s/c infusion of Bricanyl ( or ventolin in my case) what make of syringe driver are you using please?

Also do you regularly use a wheelchair and how comfortable are they when using wheelchair / sitting down etc.

I currently have a Graseby MS26 which I have in a pouch on my belt at the side - most comfy place and out the way....

McKinleys T34s are slightly larger ....

Can Crronos are smaller ....and cheaper overall....

I am building up comparisons to get funding hopefully for a Can Crono syringe driver.

(Though there has been some suggestion that I could continue with a graseby... if it can be serviced, despite all grasebys being discontinued in my health trust..... no one where I live has accepted responsibility so far for funding..... I think it is a bit of a cop out.... I still feel like falling through the net in places....)

Many thanks


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Hi Kate,

I used to have a Graseby which I loved but the plastic bit that holds the syringe on broke so had to have a new syringe driver. I was told that the Graseby pumps were discontinued due to the fact that they dealt in mm and not ml which under a European Union directive they now have to be. I use the McKinley now and am getting on well with it I don't use the box it comes in so have to be careful that you don't dislodge the syringe! The only thing I don't like about it is it eats batteries! I was told that I couldn't use cheaper brand batteries and should only use duracell batteries which cost a fortune and only last 3 days! I use energiser rechargeable batteries which last the same time and is cheaper!

Can't help with the wheelchair. If you want any more information please feel free to pm me.

Good luck



hi kate i use the chrono . i love it,,, the bag is naff to say the the least i ditched it and stick it in my pockets thanks to a large extension set he he he he im sure i will get a row for it from the nurses when they catch me ... the battery last about 4-6 months before needing replace. i dont use a wheel chair (stuck in doors when no puff to walk ) so cant say how it is comfort wise....tho its just a bit bigger than an inhhaler and same thickness...


hi kate,

as you know i have Chrono pumps for both the asthma and Immunoglobulins, and think they i great, i do however feel like a suicide bomber if i have all three on at once! tho they doall fit in my pockets.

i am not on teerbutaline at the mo as he current proff at Guys doesnt like it, tho since comming off xolaire i am much beeter and managing with out it.

As for wheel chairs i have a friend who uses a 'Quickie', she is wheelchair bound all the time, it is supposed to be light, but i still found it heavy to lift out of her car, she cannot do it herself, weight would need to be a consideration if you lifting it yourself,

good luck with the funding,

i read on here reciently someone had got funding as it was cheaper than an ITU bed! a very good point.

catch up soon, g xx


Thanks George,

I have a light weight wheelchair already - a Kuschall compact, it is the comfort of the pump at my side that I am concerned about when using chair. I have no arm rests, just clothing guards and even then, if I move to one side and back the pump (Graseby) sometimes catches over the edge, so a smaller pump would be better me thinks........... I have it on my belt at the side and my wheelchair accomodates it OK , snuggly etc. The wheelchair suppliers took that into account when measuring me for the seat width etc.

(Also have an NHS issue one............ spare! They told me to keep a spare to keep on the list!)




PS Thanks Dawn and Gussypoo! tooo!

I am hoping for a Crono..........


still loving my crono :)



I am stuck with the graseby for another 3.5 years!

Will see what I can do regards pushing for a crono....


That's a shame Kate not getting a chrono...


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