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Swine flu

I seem to be in a constant state of worry about this, morning noon and night.

Everytime i turn the radio on,blah blah high risk groups,aarrgghh.

you read about it and see stuff on the tv blah blah,just like normal flu,blah blah HIGH RISK GROUPS!!!


i even asked a doctor what would happen if i missed the anti virals because im soo worried about it,and he did a face that was so vague i thing even the bloke out of the tv show 'lie to me' would have been stumped. as to what it meant.

Will i die,will i feel ill longer what will happen.

Im just informed its a lottery atm...

seriously, im walking around in a state of limbo wondering when this thing will hit me and what will happen when it does:(

sorry for the negative posts but it all seems very up in the air atm like nobody really knows whats gonna happen, and its not very reasurring.

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i dont think they know some of the full risks yet as i spoke to my asthma nurse about it and they didn't seem to know much either.

all they told me to do was to phone them if i have flu like symptoms and to double my preventer inhaler.



I haven't posted on hear for years but still read occasionally. I wanted to try and put some of your minds at ease a little. I'm a brittle asthmatic who is immunocompromised as have been on steroids for 3 years and I've just got over swine flu. It has given me no additional problems because of my asthma and after a week am going back to work tomorrow. Please feel free to pm if you want and I know that every case is different but wanted to let you know that I came out the other side unscathed!



I just think that because this flu is hitting younger people rather than the seasonal flu that affects the elderly more is why they are making such a fuss, I suppose, over swine flu. I spoke to my asthma nurse on Monday about this flu as I am brittle asthmatic and have a a lack of of immune system as of being on constant steroids for such a long time, and she has told me ( along with my GP's) that under no circumstances am I to reduce my steroids whilst this flu is going around and not to reduce my nebulisers either. THey have told me just to be extra precautious as to hand hygiene etc etc and said if I am unduly worried to wear a mask. I am off sick atm and went into work the other day and as I work on a hospital ward, my boss was really good (without me having to say anything) she made sure that none of teh patients had flu like symptoms or respiratory infections before I went to see her and she also made sure that I spent as less time as possible there....

I just think you haveto take each as it comes and just be really strict with hygiene etc etc......

Sorry couldn't be very helpful.......

Gloomy glad you are feeling better....


Manage the risk......

Our son had an Asthma attack last February, we had no idea why and the doctor wouldn't diagnose it because he is only 2. Last Sunday he had another attack in the early hours and we realised that it was because we had gone to an animal farm. However this attack didn't end, he developed tonsillitis and a temperature. Eventually he was diagnosed with Swine Flu ( doctors were very reluctant to allow the diagnosis until he had a temperature ). However his Asthma attack has continued to last 4 days now. Hospital were overwhelmed in the Swine Flu ward, only got given a bigger spacer and a spray for his tonsils. Spoke to Asthma nurse who recommended steroids and this is working. Morale of the story is just to manage your asthma, avoid the trigger points i.e. dust, animal hair, whatever it is for you. We all had VERY mild symptoms as a family ( which 83% of the sufferers will get ) to the point that none of us knew we had it. It was only when the secondary infection of Asthma happened that it went pear shaped. So just keep managing your Asthma and you should be fine.


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