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Got a new prescription today & Im a bit confused. I went to the docs because for the first time since I was really little, I have got really bad hay fever & nothing over the counter seems to be helping - very itchy eyes, sore throat so sound like a croaky frog have a constant headache & a v tight chest & tickly airways. Anyway, thought I'd get an antihistamine prescription but got Singulair & I dont really understand what it does because she said it wasnt an antihistamine but would stop the symptoms? Any one know what it is & how it will work?


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I think this link should explain everything. At least, I hope it does:~/

Good luck



singulair has been liscensed for use for people who have hayfever too


singulair is designed to reduce the allergic reaction in the airways, particularly upper and throat. Can't go into all the technical side about how it works because despite being a nurse that goes way over my head. Dermatologist also told me it could do wonders with improving the allergy skin probs I was having.



If it helps, I'm on singulair as well because my asthma went a bit down hill last year due to hayfever. I am still using it and altho I am still having some problems with asthma and hayfever, nothing like it was before the singulair.

I hope it does the same for you!



the main difference between singulair and other asthma meds is that it interacts with the inflammatory pathways. inhalers (corticosteroid not relievers) treat the end product of the pathway which is the inflammation in your airways. Singulair however, interrupts the pathway.

It works for some people and not for others but definately worth a try. I had no success with singulair however accolate (zafirlukast), which is another leukotriene receptor antagonist seems to help me!


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