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New to s/c

I started s/c Bricanyl this week after a lengthy fight with the health board for funding. It was going well but seems I've picked up some bug (throat) probably in hospital. Tonight I'm back on my nebs after being without them since Wed. I was on routine nebs prior to starting s/c so just feeling frustrated and back to square one.

Just wondering how quickly they can increase s/c dose as I'm on a small dose mainly because I'm very underweight and consultant worried about suddenly flooding my system with Bricanyl. I do see him in clinic mid week.

Seems I'm a bit of an oddball as consultant and local resp team hadn't used s/c in someone considerably underweight before (I have other health problems).

Advice please?

Also anyone using a McKinley T34? Do you find the size a problem? Had hoped for a Crono but really can't complain having at least got funding for a pump!

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I think every hospital/ health boards have they own policy and protocols on bricanyl so advice given may be wrong in ur area... Best options would be to speak to ur consultant or asthma nurse if possible ... Hope things pick up again and things get back under control. I got a chrono pump And enjoying the improvement also


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