I have lost complete trust in docs after seeing mine today bout asthma. bascily had an attack last week playing football match saw a doc the day after but wernt my morn doc so made me an appointment to see my doc today to try n work out y it happened so went into see her n she wernt really bothered bout trying to find out wot caused n told me to go back again if it happens again, but dnt really wnt to go back now after wot she said. any ideas would be gd otherwise am not going back again


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  • no help here im afraid as im kind of in the same boat. hardly seen my 'proper' asthma consultant, always see locums, i thought that my gp knew me well but found out he doesnt after he wrote a bizzare account of my health problems for the dwp and ive had to change hospitals completely after being compl;etely let down by my osteo doctor. so sorry but im no help xxx

  • Maybe your GP was just having a bad day or something?! Sometimes asthma can be a pain as in some cases its not that bad when you do go to your GP. I bet that next time, she will be fine with you.

    In regards to your attack though - were you near a trigger? Did you get exposed to a trigger hours before? I recently had an attack with no explanation but I got a bit of help from people on this forum and Im not worried at all about it now. A bit of detective work is needed. xx

  • Perhaps you this doc was having an off day. Don't let that incident put you off. Check if it occurs again after ur participation in football/exercise. You can speak to the asthma nurses on AUK they are very helpful.


  • the only real trigger i know is colds but the rest i ant got a clue on

  • Mayev you have a trigger that you dont know about. Where abouts were you playing football? Was the humidity high? I have some weird triggers and some Im only learning about! Do you have an asthma nurse you could go and see? xx

  • we was playing in a feild in the middle of the countryside. but my job is in countryside managment so if it was something to do with pollen then i would beeen getting bad at work i would of thought. yer i got an asthma nurse at the docs but they always say u have to see your doc before u see asthma nurse.

  • I have a similar doctor to you. I went for a medication review recently and he asked how my asthma was and I mentioned that I'm really struggling when I'm running ( which I do alot). He basically just said oh well never mind you can use as much ventolin as you like no need to do anything else. I was in there precisely 2 minutes and felt as though he didn't want to prescribe anything that might add to his prescribing budget!! I have thought about seeing one of the other doctors but it is a small practice so not much choice!

  • i totaly understand what u r going on bout that is exactly wot my doc said to me really so anyoning as am always doind watersports n play football lots :(

  • Dont let any Dr make you feel like you can not go to them with a problem - you are well within your rights to make a formal complaint to the practise manager. I am so sick of GP's treating younger people like idiots and if we do not stand up for ourselves it will only get worse. If you do not want to go and see that Dr you can make a request to see someone who has helped you in the past - you may have to wait for an appointment but it will be worth it. Also make sure you take in a list of what you need to tell them, tell them what happened, what you were doing, how long it took you to recover, how it made you feel - If this was a one off then maybe it isnt something to worry about, but if it is happening a lot or you feel the your normal medication may not be working as well as it should be then go back to them and see if you can up your dose or change medicines - I dont know how old you are, but if you wanted some moral support you could always have a family member there or close friend, maybe someone that is a bit pushy and knows how you feel - heck if i lived near you I would come in!! Good Luck and stand up for yourself and dont let any GP tell you it isnt important and to wait until it happens again!

  • heya am only 21 years old went in n said every thing that u mention bout wot is going on when i play football like day after game but wernt my own doc so he didnt wnt to interfre bascily so told me to make one to see my doc n he will past notes. then saw my doc few days later as woz earliest i could get. she said if happened again then come back n will add more meds on but she is foreva saying this to which is anoying really n dnt give me much confidence in her really

  • Okay, thats a bit harsh is she keeps doing it. I agree, go to another doctor and make sure you get all the help you need. Sorry, I cant help more as my GP is great. Dont let them get you down and fight for the medical treatment you need. I also agree with taking someone else with you. Let us know how you get on and hope you feel better soon xx

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