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started of as a cold but now led onto a bad chesty cough which is affecting me asthma


had a bad chest now for about a week started last saturday morning when woke up really whezze. my normal peak flow is around 450-480. went to doctors about this on monday and they gave me a weeks dosage of steriods but havent seemed to help much but as the week has gone on it has droped to around 350 and i dont know what to do really as am struggling at work at the min with this problem all ready taken two days of work this week but dont really wont to take anymore time of if i can halp it as dont get paid sick pay were i work. any surgestions would be great.


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ranger 10

Asthma is coverd by DDA so dont worry over your job but can see you

wont get paid sickpay.

Think when that happens you might be able get social security pay.

Chat with your doc if he can help you.

If OH Get involved down the line they will make sure your work makes

reasonable ajustments to your job for you.

hope it helps a little xxxx


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