OMG OMG OMG !! I just had to do this update on Snowy! - (RE- UPDATED SAT 9:15 AM)

Well after being told this morning that nothing would happen till Mon, I was prepared for another long few days, then the consultant came and found me (that to me only meant bad news, when a consultant wanders the corridors looking for people !)

BUT it was to tell me thatr Andrea's temp had dropped another degree…Yippeeeeee………………....and wait for it.......……………………………………………………. Her heart rate was within the normal range for the first time in 3 weeks !!!!!! AND……………………………………….. Gosh I cant contain myself but her sats have settled in the 90’s……….. this is so positive as it’s the first time any of these things have happened, let alone at the same time!

So, they decided that somehow her body was trying to tell us something! (like get me heck out of here prob!) so they are going to try again this afternoon, finally some good news! Even with all the slightly positive steps over the weeks her h/rate and sats have still been haywire so to me this is more concrete!.

Cant wait to tell Lewis, esp as its last day of school today

Gosh I cant keep off the loo, must be the excitment, and yes I know yet again I am getting carried away with myself as there is a long long way to go, but heck let me enjoy the moment!

I was soooo tired today, after staying here till 3am then only getting 2hrs sleep, but all of a sudden I feel I could run a marathon lol


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  • That's fantastic news Alex, I'm chuffed for you all. Let's hope this is a step in the upwards direction for Andrea and things start to settle for you.

    Take care chum x

  • So pleased to hear this Alex! Does sound like things are going the right way, now crossing everything that this afternoon's attempt does work. Hoping to hear good news very soon! xx

  • Alex that is great news, fingers crossed it all goes well this afternoon

  • What fantadtic news Alex, nice to read something positive and promising. It certainly seems Snowy's on the road to recovery. Keeping fingers crossed for later today. You must be so relieved to be able to give Lewis some good news. Take care x

  • Oh Alex, fantastic news. Husband just asking about you, this minute. Can tell him its a smiley day!

    Andrea - Keep that momentum going.


    Moira xox

  • awwww that's the best news ever Alex. bet you are happier then someone who's just won lottery. keep up the good work snowy. love to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Oh Alex, that's fantastic news. I bet you feel like doing cartwheels round the hospital (don't, though, you don't want to add any more bruises to your collection :-D)

    Sending hugs to everyone, and lots of positive thoughts to help Andrea keep making progress.


  • Update at 17:00

    Hi all,

    Alex just texted me to say that they are going to try again with reducing pressures on the ventilator again in half an hour and to say that if anyone has any time to send up a few prayers he would be grateful!

    Have everything crossed for them and praying hard.


  • Fantastic news, so pleased for you and Lewis Xx

  • That's great news, really pleased for you all. xx

  • what wonderful news, thats really made my day. I dont blame you getting excited, while reading the post i had pictures of you in my head cartwheeling round the hospital :) Im sure lewis will really pleased too. Its surprising how good news can really give you a real energy boost- who needs lucozade.

    Love and hugs to you all

  • Wow! Fingers crossed and prayes xxx tissues ready for tears of joy. xxxx

  • Update - 8:40pm

    Just nipped out for a min so thought id update, well they went ahead with weaning late this afternoon, and so far so good!!!!!!

    She has remained stable for a few hrs of slightly reduced sedation and ventilator pressures & with reduced o2, for the first time and held her sats at 92% and heart rate not gone up too significantly, although they had to increase the pressures back slightly about half way through, obviously it showed something they were concerned about, and so not to strain her body too much at the start they were being cautious, and if it remains ok over the next few hours they might try to put it back to where they started off, and then might even try and do a tiny bit more later tonight if they think she can maintain that.

    Then they will probably leave it alone for approx 24hrs, to get her body used to doing some work for itself, and see if she can remain stable at that, and then if all good then they will continue with the tiny reductions over the next few days, its going to be a long slow process and Ive been told to expect for them to have to put it back up possibly several times too, before any major distress starts to show before we reach the end goal.

    The adrenaline of earlier excitement has worn off now, and with only 2 hours sleep last night im feeling exhausted, with a bad headache but im not leaving her so will just have to put up with it.

    Thanks for all the messages


  • Thank you for update Alex xxxx

    Our hearts and minds are with you all and prayers and love and hugs xxxxx

    try get rest and eat and drink and stay well aslo. lewis CD will have lots of playing to do next

    few days xxxxx

  • Thanks for update Alex, crossing fingers it keeps going well and Andrea makes steady progress...

    And as ever, do look after yourself even if you don't want to leave her! xx

  • Fantastic news :)

  • Yeah great news thank God. Now the body can respond slowly and heal itself. Alex get good rest and eat. Lewis will help with his cd.


  • Slowly does it best. Alex, please ask mum in law for more packed lunches. Hows the head by the way? Not easy to find chair you can sleep on in a hospital. I've tried. Best wishes on at least some minutes nodding off.


    Moira xox

  • update - sat morn 9:15am


    Well the night went good!, around 3am they managed to put the pressures back to where we started off yest eve, and she has so far maintained that, on a scale of 1-100 we are still only at 1 or 2% so have a loooooong way to go, but now she has coped with the first step.

    Because they had to reduce it back half way last night and then only went back to phase one in the early hours they did not do anymore, and will wait for docs review this morn to decide the next step of the plan.

    I have not yet been home but managed a bit of rest in a side isolation room as it was vacant - (gosh that was a weird place!), and hope is that if she stays stable for a bit longer I can let Lewis visit later today.

    Hope everyone is ok


  • I know I've already told you Alex happy to hear this. Really good news that Snowy has begun on her road to recovery :)

    Don't forget you also need sleep and food!

    Hope Lewis manages a visit today - will make the start of his summer holidays :)

  • Thanks for the update, Alex, its SO encouraging, as is the fact that the doctors are prepared to go slowly and not push her body too fast.

    You must be pretty exhausted by now, even with a bit of a lie down, so I hope that you manage to get a couple of hours rest this morning, and that Snowy stays stable enough that Lewis can visit.

    Love and hugs to you all.


  • Yipeee way to go Snowy, keep it up. She is fighting well. Small steps lead to bigger steps. Alex eat something now. Need you to be fit too.


  • Great news that Snowy is still going in the right direction! Hoping to hear more good news soon and hope Lewis does get in to see her soon. xxx

  • Thinking of you all ,lots of love and prayers .

    Alex you take care also and eat ,drink and sleep when you can xxx

  • snowy is getting there :) one step at a time, slowly but surely :D

    snowy is soooo happy for her snowy right now :)

    fingers crossed for today's reduction :) keep the CD playing ;)

    hopefully, lewis can visit today once she is settled :) then as Team Nag keep telling u, u can go HOME, EAT PROPERLY, REST + SLEEP :P

    here for u as always

    nurse snowyg :P

    x x x

  • Hey it :)

  • Great news about Snowy and hope Lewis gets to visit too. Thanks for keeping us updated Alex. Hope you're looking after yourself too! xx

  • Hi Alex, Good to know going as planned and Lewis may visit soon.

    Nag Alert - Listen honey, if you are even a quarter as tired as me after two days including an overnighter, with three small grandkids minus their parents and two of the aforementioned are under a year old, then please do take up the offer of a rest at home when you get it.


    Moira xox

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