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Snowy - Thursday

Hi all,

Well I don’t have much to say really, temp still at 106 despite everyone’s best efforts to try and get it down even more, repeated tests yest show signs of some organ damage but still yet unclear how much and if anything can be done to reverse this, her heart is struggling under the strain and lunchtime yest it plummeted once more and crash team were called yet again!

I just had to get out of here around 2pm yest and did not return to the hospital or go home until this morning, just needed to be alone as just really finding it hard to know what to think or where we go from here, sorry everyone.


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Hi Alex,

You don't need to apologise to us. There is no text book on how to manage in these situations. All you can do is keep going anyway you can and get the strength to carry on anyway you can. Please don't feel you have to update us if writing about it is becoming difficult. Snowy, Lewis and yourself continue to be in my thoughts and I continue to hope Snowy shows some improvement soon.

Jac xxx


Oh Alex, I'm so sorry you're all still having such a hard time and I very much wish I could offer more than a few words of support. Sending hugs and positive thoughts to everyone with a few extra for you because you have the extra stress of being strong for everyone else.

Please look after yourself.



hi alex

dont give up okay, as u say tests dont confirm how much organ failure, so they dont know IF anything can reverse the damage...

her heart will continue struggle to strain until she has the bypass or some other 'radical measure' as its working as hard as she is to fight this.

positive - her temp s still down :D i know its not a lot but down by 3 is a lot when u have the infections and everything that she has going on hun...

i understand you needing ALONE time - much needed under the circumstances, just glad u were safe whilst u were neither at home or at the hosp.

with everything and the see-saw of emotions atm its hard to digest everything and make sense of everything to know what to think or whats next...

lets hope the docs and the results of even more results can help shed even more light on that today and from now on...

u, lewis and indeed ANDREA will get thru this - one day at a time.

i know andrea's heart is struggling under the strain and understandably so will urs be emotionally and physically, but u will get there okay. keep focusing on the positives and dont give up hope :)

speak later

x x x


HI Alex,

I hope the alone time and the sleep you managed to get has helped you a bit - you definitely don't need to apologise to us on here! I just hope you have some good news soon - Andrea has been fighting this so hard and as Snowygirl says her temp has dropped so she has got somewhere even though that took a while. We are all here for you and hoping to hear some more positive news like Tuesday's again soon.



Quite understandable, the needing space from everything that is or is not going on. Don't worry if you maybe feel some anger towards passers-by who are laughing and chatting with each other. I felt when my dad was seriously ill, almost as if no-one else in the world should be happy. Staff said it was natural, when I said.

Holding you, Snowy and Lewis in my heart. Medics too.

Much love

Moira x


Edit: Duplicate post.


Sending love to you, snowy and Lewis.

You and lewis are definitely doing her proud


Thinking of you all and praying hard. xxx


Here if you need me Alex. Thinking of you all.


continued thoughts, prayers, virtual hugs, whatever you feel you need whenever you feel you need it!

don't ever apologize for keeping us up to date. we can appreciate how hard it all is.

Geina xx


Never apologise for updating us, I don't often reply but have been popping daily to hear and hope for good news for you both. And as for needing some personal space, totally human, its a coping mechanism, and a valuable one so stick with it.



Thanks for the update, Alex.

Don't feel that you need to apologise, either to us for updating (personally, I'm very grateful for every update) or for doing what you need to do, in terms of taking time out, crying, asking for help, or whatever.

You are doing incredibly well, as I've said before, in unbelievably painful and difficult circumstances.

Hugs to you and the rest of the family.



Alex you get as much rest as you can. My friends and I am still praying. A lady called Lily was in a coma due to sickle cell and friends were frantic, we told them we would pray she is out of the coma today. The doctors don't just give in so why should we not keep praying. Its not asprint but like a marathon. Let the doctors do the thinking and you just be Alex, her loving hubbie doing all he can.



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