Snowy update - Tuesday :-) - (re-updated with some good news at 7pm)

Hi all

Last night I debated with a couple of members as to if I should post an update that her temp dropped another degree, I was being cautious given that I would hate to give positive news and then take it away again the next day! I think I was right as she did go off a bit around 11pm, this time was not as bad as previous days, the docs still stayed with her for 2 hours, but didnt need such massive intervention as before, BUT and her temp did NOT go back up with the blip !""! yay

So as things stand her temp is now 107 (still very high I know) but the 2 degree drop is the first positive thing I have had to say in 10 days so im celebrating!!!! - can I dare to think that the new drugs might be having an impact ???

Im not kidding myself though, I know shes still critical, and far from out of the woods and we have a long long road ahead of us, but every journey has to start with a single step....

No sure if the bypass will go ahead today or not, in light of last nights blip, have to wait and see what the cons says this morn for that.

Sorry to Snowygirl and FeeJay, I couldnt update you any further as at 1am when I got more news my phone went flat! (but im also glad as you needed to sleep!- if it had been dire I would of got msg to you so dont worry!) I knew it was on its way out of charge in the eve, but as you know I had planned to go home before midnight so didnt worry about it!! - best made plans eh!

I finally came home at 3am and have only managed 3 hours sleep, im still exhausted but think im over tired now, as its now 3 days without any sleep apart from the 3hrs this morn, I am hoping that if she remains stable today I will come back and get some kip then, when I know what the plan is, as it seems that the nights are more troublesome right now so need to be fully charged for this eve!

Take care everyone, and best wishes to asthmagirl & her family.


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  • Hi Alex.

    It's good to hear that Snowy is improving, I hope with all my heart that she continues to do so.


  • hello Alex your lovely wife is hanging in there and fighting all the way int she. lets hope her temp is the first of many things to go down and she starts to pick up day by day. my thoughts are with you all. try and get some rest you cant function without sleep love xxxxxx

  • So glad she had a relatively stable night :)

    I think heading home for a daytime kip is a brilliant idea Alex.....I hope your meeting with docs goes well. She still has a long way to go you're right but I hope and pray that this is the firm beginning for that journey back to health.

    Take care and text any time


  • Hi Alex,

    I know there's a long way to go and things are still very delicate but so pleased you have had a little bit of positive news - and the timing good as well as suggests those new meds they've been trying are doing something!

    I hope Snowy stays stable, the drugs do their work and they're able to really work on getting her better. I hope you're resting right now - I can't imagine how you're functioning on so little sleep! I hope Lewis has been as ok as it's possible to be and that he's been able to get some rest.

    Thinking of you all xxx

  • I think its called strong coffee by the bucket load !!

    Prob why I couldnt sleep much this morn, still buzzzzzing.

    Will stay off it today so hopefully when I do get to go home I can rest.

    Lewis is doing ok, although Ive hardly seen him, his gran is doing a wonderful job of looking after him and keeping house in order!



  • Hi alex, its good to hear that snowy temp has come down another degree, 2 small steps in the right direction. Hopefully this means that snowy as turned a corner and its the first steps on her road to recovery.

    Keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers.

  • Hope you get the chance of a longer kip later today. Big steps and little ones.

    Moira x

  • Fingers crossed snowy carries on to improve bit by bit and fingers crossed the bypass

    goes ahead for you,

    lots of love to you all xxx

  • That sounds like positive news - I hope and pray that she continues to improve, and my thoughts are with all of you.

  • I'm so pleased that you have some more positive news, Alex, and hope that you'll be able to sleep and eat something before you go back to the hospital. Positive thoughts are still on their way for all of you. Keep strong.


  • Hi Alex, so pleased to hear Snowy's had a slight improvement, let's hope she's heading in the right direction. Hope you get some sleep today. x

  • Glad her temp going down. We say medicines work and immune system recover IJN. I will pray more earnestly at the 11pm juncture. Alex you are a true trooper remember to stay nourished too. Love to lewis and know we want to be updated. God bless you and keep you all.


  • Alex my prayers are with you and your family hope you manage to get some rest so you can keep your strength up sending hugs to you all keep positive as you can be until you are told otherwise thinking of you all love Kerry xx

  • 4:30pm update

    Ok, well I could of added this this morning but needed time to kinda get my head around it all,

    The bypass has been postponed, ... for how long im not sure?

    The cons had a meeting with me and said that their main priority today was to try and get her temp down as some tests they did gave some worrying results and if things didnt improve soon there could be possible brain damage and organ failure as your body cant maintain such a high temp for too long.

    He said they had to do whatever was the highest priority each day and treat whatever was causing the most risk and therefore to expect sudden u-turns on decisions. He was hopefull that they could have some impact as her body had already started the work for them.

    I then left for home to get some rest, and have only just returned with Lewis and her parents.

    I had to laugh though at how kids can throw humour into the most stressfull of situations as when we got back she was covered in a cooling device and he immediatly said ""Gosh mums turned into a giant ice cube bag!"" well everyone laughed, and thats something we have not done for a while!

    They have also put up a cold saline drip, as yet nothing has changed but im being told to be patient !! haha, they ought to try and be patient when its their wife laying there after 11 days!!!, but they will be repeating tests very soon so fingers crossed!


  • all in all a good outcome for meeting this morning alex like i say :)

    chances of organ failure and brain damage as u mention and i told you, are very slim but they need to make u aware...

    main thing of today - temp down, and she already started doing that herself, so shows she starting fight infection herself :D long may this continue hun

    fingers crossed for late for andrea in her giant ice cube bag ;)

    glad u slept and ate, AT LAST ;)

    p.s. as i said, and keep saying, i am here for u 24/7 dont ever worry bout wot time it is, i aint working atm am i ??? lol and only going for SHORT lil walks as promised :P

    x x x

  • fingers crossed xxx sending lots of love to you all xxx

  • Hi Alex,

    She is such a fighter, I'm suspect the support shes getting from you, Lewis and others is helping. I'm still sending lots of positive thoughts.

    Thanks for the update

  • Giant ice cube bag lol! Glad to see you had a bit of unexpected light relief in the middle of such an awful situation - and that you got some rest.

    Crossed fingers the icy stuff will start to work and Snowy will build on the start she's made. xx

  • Thanks for the update Alex, temperature keeep falling down to normal. IJN

    Just love the way Lewis see things. On the show 24hrs in ER on channel 4-5 weeks ago -. Kofi's dad didnt give up and his son survived beyond the doctors expectations.


  • Thanks for the update Alex. It's great how kids can cut through the tension with a few words at just the right time. Positive thoughts and hugs on their way to you all.

  • 7pm - Good update!

    OMG I dont know if I am being premature at being excited here (dont worry I do know she is still on the critical list!!!)

    BUT............. her temp has now gone down to 106. Yipppeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    It seems Lewis's description of the giant ice cube bag, along with the cold saline and the new cocktail of drugs MIGHT be starting to work, dare I hope ????

    You have no idea how nice it is to actually be able to type something good for a change! - This morning I went home thinking my whole world had collapsed and tonight Im getting excited about a 1 degree drop (3 overall), tomorrow could still be another day of bad news so I will enjoy it whilst I can!, think I might go home and have a beer tonight :-)

    Thanks all


    A much more positive chap today :-)

  • ive been thinking about her every time i wheezed today and all week and have come on as soon as i could to read the updates to see how she is. i think even the members who arent posting(this is my first re snowy)but ive read every one and my thoughts have been with her and her family. praying she will keep strong and keep fighting xxxxx

  • that is good news indeed...hope things continue to improve.

  • So glad to hear this Alex - I know as you say she isn't out of the woods yet but this is definitely a step in the right direction and it's great that you've had some good news at last. Long may it continue!

    Enjoy your beer!

  • fantastic news!!!!!!

  • Fantastic news ,lots of love and hugs to you all xxx

  • baby steps :o)

    Good Girl Snowy

    Now then Mr Alex, I think you deserve a beer. We'll keep cheering on the baby steps with you and being there to help.

    Geina xx

  • Great news Alex - enjoy the beer. Perhaps you could ask to borrow the giant ice cube bag to keep your celebratory picnic/champagne cool when Snowy makes her escape? :)

  • So lovely to hear some good news Alex. Keep fighting Snowy and keep taking care of yourself Alex. Still thinking of you all, all of the time.

    Jac xxx

  • Fabulous news Alex! I'm so pleased and still praying things continue to improve and snowy is now on the road to recovery.

    You certainly deserve a beer. Your a wonderful husband and father.

    Take care and heaps of love and hugs to you all x

  • She is such a fighter. Thanks for the update Alex, I'm still sending lots of positive thoughts as I'm sure many are.

  • Great news Alex. My fingers are very much crossed that this continues. Enjoy the beer, get some sleep and eat something before you go back to the hospital. Positive thougth to all of you.


  • Alex, Wishing a good few hours sleep for you and the family.

    Moira x

  • alex

    thats the best news so far, so beer last nite well deserved :)

    things finally looking up.

    haha - i love lewis' description of the cooling blanket they using on snowy - ice cube bag! lol :)

    lets hope today brings even more good news, hope u managed to get SLEEP last nite

    you know where i am


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