Someones awake !!!!!

Just though I would let you all know that they sucessfully managed to get Snowy (Andrea) off the ventilator this monring, as you can imagine she is still very groggy and has a long recovery road ahead of her, but hopefully this is the first major step done and there will be no more hiccups along the way!

So I also guess this is goodbye from me as I hand back this and her phone to her when shes well enough, and I can stop being her secretary lol, but its been nice being in her world for a bit and too, getting to know some of you, and to know that there are so many nice genuine people out there, who a lot I am guessing are struggling too but still find time to support others.

Thanks for all the well wishes and prayers as they seemed to do the trick!


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  • Aww Thank you Alex for letting us know.Sending all my love to you and Snowy and also snowygirl xxx

  • so glad to hear snowy and you are ok! all the good wishes and prayers

  • HI Alex,

    That's really great to hear, I was hoping it would work out!

    Nice to 'meet' you even if only briefly (and virtually), think we've all really appreciated you being here and posting updates but will also look forward to seeing Snowy/Andrea back on here, hopefully recovering well - also Snowygirl.

  • I'm so glad to read that snowy is off the ventilator! I hope she is feeling much better very soon :)

    Dawn xx

  • yay... hope it all goes well...

  • Aww that's great news home she's felling well soon x

  • So glad Snowy (Andrea) is of ventilation send her special love when she is less exhausted. You have been a very witty secretary. I am sure she will be blown away. Take care guys.

    Love gill

  • Thanks for the update. It's great news that Snowy's off the ventilator now, and I hope that she and Snowygirl both feel better soon. Love and best wishes to all.

  • Thanks Alex for sharing your obvious joy. Best wishes and hugs to all.

  • I am so pleased I wish Snowy a good recovery and I am sending my best wishes to you all.

  • marvellous news. sending you both my love. chell.xx

  • Thank you for the update!

    Sending get well wishes XXXXX

  • Fantastic news!!

    Thinking of you all. xx

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