Snowys hanging on by a thread... but hanging on all the same!

Hi everyone, just trying to take a few minutes out and thought I would come on here and escape my head and thoughts for a bit, its given me a warm glow to read everything written and to of had the support of so many during this.

As Snowygirl updated so kindly for me earlier, we are still clinging to the hope that the fact that her heart rate reducing this morning is a sign of her not having to fight so hard and not that shes going into heart failure or the infection has spread, I have been told that it is a very small hope but one that I am gladly taking and hanging onto and not letting go!

However about 5:30 tonight her heart rate plummeted and the resus team were called again, it took about an hour but somehow they managed to re-stabalise her, now I feel even more that I am living every second on a knife edge, sometimes not daring to look away from the monitors at all.

But somehow she is still here, but getting weaker with each episode and I keep thinking next time will be the last, but I will never give up hope, NEVER!

Sometimes all we have left is hope, and a belief that she can defy the odds, she has already done so on so many occasions, and achieved so many things in her life... some doubted she would do, but that only made her more determined, stubborn as ever and I hope that stubborness will get her through now.

Love to all


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  • Alex i still belive she will be fine and will come back to us all on here soon. im still praying for you all


  • Alex

    Thank you for the update xxxx

    We are all hear for you and your family and praying and hoping that Andrea shows

    improvement and keeps fighting the infection and hope and pray that she gets stronger and we are all by your side to support you and awaiting news of our loving ,caring AUK friend xxxx

  • I'm still sending positive thoughts for Snowy, as I'm sure many others are.

  • hang in there alex, snowy is doing the same. continued thoughts coming your way.

    Geina xx

  • Alex and family,

    My thoughts and prayers are with Snowy, you and your family.

  • Thinking of you all and still praying hard Snowy pulls through hang in there Snowy xxx

  • Still hoping, still praying - take care of yourself too Alex.

  • we will NEVER give up hope.

    snowy will make it through this, she is a fighter ;) even if she does support ARSEnal :P hehe

    she has been thru so much already and battled thru s much, she will do again!



  • Hi. Thought of nothing else these past days but of you and your family. May you all find the strength to support each other in the hours and days ahead. Praying for Snowy that she may yet turn the corner.

    Moira x

  • Holding onto that small hope with you and willing Snowy better with every breath that I take.

  • myself and my family will continue to pray for her.

    Vicky x

  • Still Thinking of you all very much And hopeing that snowys thread grows so she's tied on securely soon with love xxx

  • Thinking of you all constantly and praying and wishing for Snowy to find the strength to fight this.

    With all my love, thoughts and prayers to you Alex ad Lewis.


  • Hoping and sending thoughts your way as ever - come on Snowy, you can pull yourself back up on that thread! Thinking of you all. xxx

  • Thinking of you all. Chell.xx

  • Thinking of you all, sending strength and hope.


  • Some good news, at least she hasnt deteriorated. Dont give up hope, as you say Snowy has her family to live for and that makes her stubborn and determined. I hope you are all keeping well and resting and eating propery.

    Love and hugs to you all

  • come on snowy you can do it love we need you back on here xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Continuing to think of you all throughout today xxx

  • Still hoping and praying - Snowy, Alex and Lewis in the front of my thoughts and in my heart today.

  • Thinking of you all. Really hope things improve as they have done in the past. Hang in there! x x

  • no news = Good news

    x x x

  • keep fighting we are still praying and the doctors are still trying. Let God do the rest.


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