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Does anyone know of an anti-inflammatory drug that can be used by asthmatics.

I have a prolapsed lumbar disc and residual pain resulting from surgery for prolapsed cervical disc. I have taken anti-inflammatories in the past out of necessity but after recent problems with asthma I don't think I should take them now. My asthma has only just started to settle, but now my lower back is on the verge of 'going' again. Any information would be appreciated. Diazepam is controlling the spasm at present, but of course it will not help with the inflammation! I cannot afford to have more time off work at present so need to be mobile if I can. Any suggestions gratefully received.

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Hi there poggins,

Only around 10% of asthmatics are actually sensitive to anti-inflammatories. If you've had them in the past and they haven't caused you and problems re:wheeziness, then you should still be fine to taken them now.

If you're uncertain about taking anti-inflammatories how about seeing your GP for other options? There are a whole load of other painkilling drugs which aren't anti-inflammatory and are safe even for NSAID-sensitive asthmatics.

Hope the back's better soon.




Thanks for the advice cathbear.

Unfortunately anti-inflammatories do affect my breathing in that they make it laboured, which I could without at the moment. They do settle the inflammation fairly quickly whereas analgesics just mask the pain. I normally take a combination of all 3 when it is bad. Can you cause any permanent damage to your lungs by taking anti-inflammatories on a constant basis? I know they can adversely affect your stomach.



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