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chest/rin pain

hi - ive been really struggling recently with a tight chest/pain in my ribs when taking deep breaths. although it is one of my signs for an attack its happening when im not having any symptoms and my pf is fine. i know its not my heart as its one of the few things that works properly on me lol (dont know how many times ive had to explain to ambulance control that the pain i get is asthma related and no i dont need to take an asprin- and no i dont have any in 'just in case' as i have a hiatus hernia and have had stomach ulcers so dont take asprin). anyway - basically i was wondering if i should just accept that this is just another ache and pain that i should put up with. or could it be something else and should i not try to ignore it? does that make sense?

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it's always a sign for me that i'm in the middle of a flare-up, but not necessarily one that's going to end in ICU, so i've always just put it down to another one of those lovely asthma things.

if you're worried though, have a chat with the gp.


cheers i have spoken to gp nurse today and she has sent a request for a female doc at the hospital to examine me (all male gp's at mine). i did say that i wasnt sure if its my asthma making pain by chest/ribs being inflamed but she cant tell me until im examined-which she isnt allowed to do by law - so its wait and see with lots of painkillers x


why can she not check you out? seems strange to me, or have i missed something here?

as for the pain i am experiencing the exact same pains and i had various tests done on my heart, but they were all clear so they told me they dont know what it is.

this was at my previous GP. i just moved house and had my first appointment with my new GP yesterday and here is what she said:

I explained to her that it could not be my heart so she thought maybe it was a blood clot. she pressed my chest in several places and asked if i was in any pain. I was not.

so she put me on my first ever pred and anti-biotics . so im guessing its asthma related. i am very curious as to what your tests reveal as it sounds like the same pain. please keep me posted on this one! :)

Lizzie xxxx


s_lizzie- the gp nurse isnt allowed by law to do breast exams so because its my breast bone shes not allowed. she said even if she was allowed, she wouldnt as she would be worried about missing something and wouldnt be able to sleep at night. i actually asked my mother to press both sides of my breast bone today as it was sore, to see if she could feel anything or if it was internal and just a pain relating to inflamation. she said she can feel a kind of thickening to one side which isnt present on the other, so im glad i asked the nurse as im going to get to the bottom of it by seeing a female doctor.


oh right that makes sense. My GP checked my breast bone by asking me to take my top off but not my braa and sort of felt around it if that makes sense- was that ok do you think?

glad your getting it proper checked out!

Lizzie xxx


lizzie - no pet its the nurse at the gp that isnt allowed to do breast examines not the doctor sorry for the confusion. if it was the doctor who did the examine, they sometimes like a female member of staff with them but its fine if you are ok with it.

had to get nurses out last night due to this pain and in the pain in my ribs. it was really like when iv had a very bad attack or like ive been kicked but there wasnt any massive signs of an asthma attack. they were lovely and said they thought it could be muscular. anyway sent someone to check this morning and they listened to my chest again and apparently ive got another chest infection, it was too tight last night to make out the crackles so back on antibiotics and steroids....oh the joys. having to take loads more inhalers than normal when i manage to get up the stairs! i should be running marathons not havibg an early night as im only 41 lol


Hi Jay,

Are you at home or hospital? Slightly confused - anyway sorry to hear you have chest infection but glad they don't think the chest pain is anything too bad - I was asking about something similar a couple of weeks ago and other people were saying they get sore ribs after attacks, possibly from the effort involved in breathing (sorry if someone has said this below, can't see the other comments when I reply). Though yours sounds less like an aftereffect and more like related to what's happening now if that makes sense.

My ribs are still being a literal pain since I asked about them on here, aching quite a lot down the back and at the bottom on the side, feel a bit tight and something weird going on down the centre of my chest. Last night woke up and felt like a stone had been stuck on my chest in the centre just about where the middle bit of my bra is, so I can sympathise as yours sounds even worse!

Edit: meant to say without going on about it again that I supposedly don't have asthma, so quite intrigued at the way I seem to be getting same symptoms like this rib thing - maybe not the same after all.

I hope you start feeling better soon. xx


Chest pain

hi jay 39,

I've been struggling with bad chest pain since yesterday. At one point every time I was breathing in, it was like a stitch. I'm so exhausted as well can't do anything. I've only just finished am antibiotic and steroids, does all this discomfort mean I need more? Afraid to phone dr in case sent to costa!

Any advice any one please?


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