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Hello Everyone, I am new to these discussion boards, and I would like to know if you can order new peak flow meters on prescription from your G.P. I have heard that you can, but I am on Income Support due to ill-health and I also do not have to pay for my prescriptions as I have an exemption certificate. If I can, does anyone know how to go about it. Thanks.

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  • Ask your GP/asthma nurse. If they think you need one they will prescribe one. If there's something wrong with your old one take it along so they can see why it needs replacing.

  • Thanks Ratty, I will do that. My existing peak flow meter is very, very old now so hopefully I will be able to get one.

  • Hi,

    I have just had a peak flow meter 'prescribed' to me from my asthma nurse last week. So you should just go to see your asthma nurse or GP (like Ratty said) and ask them.

  • Thank you sam1980, it is really good to be able to hear of other people`s experiences. I hope to be able to visit my GP or Asthma Nurse very soon, and hopefully I will be able to order a new peak flow meter then.

  • In addition to my earlier query about prescribed peak flow meters, can anyone tell me how long the order takes? Is it the same as an ordinary prescription, or does it take longer?

  • Just like a normal prescription. Provided the pharmacy you take the prescription to has them in stock (and the big high street ones should) you'll get it straight away.

  • Ratty, that`s great. Thanks very much for your prompt reply!

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