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Has anyone had an op on there bladder because of not been able to wee or other problems its just i went to urology had to give a wee sample but only could do a little this problem been happening for months ive needed to wee so bad somtimes ive sat and cried with the pain ive fell asleep on loo cause couldnt wee does anyone have or had any problems like this its just i dont know what to expect when i have opperation i understand if noone can help me with this as even i have never heard of this sort of thing before take care all xxxps had scan aswell yesterday and con sed bladder still full but i just couldnt pass water hth thanks again xxx

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I had a problem a few years ago but that was with a back injury... ended up catheterised!

I had damaged the nerves to my bladder apparently. Tis OK now.

I know how horrid it it bursting to go and being unable esp with 600mls plus on board!

Don't know what else to suggest.

Take care




I have problems with my bladder and it has been ever since I have started having aminophylline. I find i go through spells of not eing able to wee and it hurts alot etc. I have ISC's now which make a huge difference but I also loose feeling in my bladder so dont know when its full.

If you got any questions jsut ask



Hi Kerry-ann

I had a severe bladder infection that then led to pyelonephritis - since then (2+ yrs) I have relyed on catheters to pee. I was initially discharged with a flip flow inbuilt catheter to see if my bladder could be retrained... This didnt work. I now use a technique called intermittent self catheterisation as olive does. There are a wide range available and its all down to personal preference - i used to use a brand called lofric primo but now use speedy cath as they are smaller and more discrete - however recently due to my coordination and manual dexterity problems i have had to back track back to the lofric primo ones. I have often only felt i need a wee when there is a vast amount in my bladder - the largest recorded volume was at my recent admission and it was 1800mls!! I was officially diagnosed with chronic urine retention just over 2 years ago now.

Its apparently very common in women. Its thought to be linked (my urologist said) with women who dont like weeing in public places so they hold on till they get home - it means the bladder gets used to holding larger volumes and this also means you are more prone to infections so i was told to try and go 4-5 times a day whether i felt i needed to or not (im catheter dependent now so using ISC's) this is in another attempt to retrain my bladder.... (drop me a message KA or text or call me if you want to chat about it you know where i am - im sorry i didnt reply to your text - only got it this afternoon - my phone is being silly!!!) Hope you are ok

Take care hon Lv Kat Xxx


I have the opposite problem. From around the time my asthma was diagnosed, I've found occasionally its a flying leap to the loo to get there in time. I've got awfully good at walking up the stairs with legs almost in a knot. 8)


Does anyone know how this opperation will be done ie open my belly key hole or through the bit that the gusset of your knickers sit its just im on waiting list and it could be in next week or so i just want to know i should of asked my urologist but was still in shock wen he said have to have an op can anyone shed some light on this subject oreven send me a pm pretty plz xx


Hi Kerry - Anne

Its really weird but i have not been able to wee by myself now for 2 years, from about 14 years old to 26 years old i had really bad asthma was in hospital monthly with attacks and lived on steriods and aminophylline for many years. When i was about 24 years old i started getting problems emptying my bladder it would be random one day i could go and the next day i could not.

I saw lots of urologists and they did not know what it was, in the end i was sent to London for some tests and they said it was something called Fowlers syndrome, i am not sure i still think it could be damage from taking a medication long term.

What are they going to do to help your problem Kerry?

Emsie x


Are any of you on Atrovent nebs?? Atrovent can cause an inability to wee!



I was on those Nebs but i only use them now if i have an attack and thats only when i get a cold



Hi Kate yes im on atrovent nebs but this started before i started taking atrovent nebs i also suffer from a shy bladder but after my scan in urology he said it had nothing to do with nrvous bladder as i managed half a wee for them so i cant be that shy can i lmao but when he did my scan he said my bladder was still full asked mme if i needed to wee and i said no thats when he said i hve to have an opperation because theres somthing wrong with my bladder he said i will be cathter ehen im asleep and see how much my bladder can hold he talked alot more about it but to be honest i didnt hear anything after operation just went into shock i think i only use atrovent nebs in an emergency as they are prn up tp 4 times a day sorry for the ramble ive probbley made no sense any way lol take care all xx


Dear Kerry Anne,

A lot of medications can cause urinary retention and an inability to wee - As Kate mentioned, atrovent nebs, is one culprit - along with a lot of antihistamines, antidepressants, strong pain killers such as morphine or dihydrocodeine, nefopam and adrenaline. Often individual medications by themselves are fine, but the combination of several may then eventually lead to a problem.

I also wonder if a lot of people's problems are caused by the use of aminophylline and theophylline - as it can have a diuretic effect (causing people to produce more urine) combined with us being tempted to 'hold on' whilst being unwell due to the effort or embarrasement. Result is an overstretched bladder, and decreased awareness of it being full until VERY full, and an inability to go when you's a problem that is common with young women in particular.

Obviously it's difficult to know what the cause is with you, but sounds like they are investigating it appropriately to try and find out. I know it's easier said than done, but try not to worry too much about the op - and do let us know how you get on. Let me know if there is anything I can help you with information wise.

best wishes,



Hi, i am like granny mo, i hvae the opposite problem i need to go lots and lots, i seem to go about every hour, but i had an operation when i was 6 and they did it like key hole going up through the place your wee comes out, so there was no cutting of the skin, or should i say no scar on outside. Although this was done to stop me just going all the time, and now even though i go a lot i can at least hold it till i get to a toilet. It can be annoying though as it means i have to stop hourly for the toilet. Hope they get it sorted out!


Hi All maybe this will help explain why this problem has started sorry if im repeating myself when i was young we would go on holiday and days out ect and i could never wee on demand you know the score when mam saays does anyone need the toilet yet id so no because i newq i wouldnt be able to go even now i cant go if im going even food shopping i got told i had a shy bladder but now its got to the point were even if im bursting for a wee i cant go somtimes i can but 99% i sit on the loo for atleast half hr and i get stressed at myself ive drink cold water run taps put ice in my hands ect now my bladder when i can go will only let me do a little even when im in pain with needing a wee wee thats why i went to urology i did a little bit for the dr but he done a scan and my bladder was still full so he said he need to operate on my bladder so now im just waiting for that letter to come to see when i have to go in hth explain my problem take care all xxxxxxxxxxxxx


Well I got the day of my operation september the 8th i have to be at hospital at 8am then go to thearter between 10 and 11am a she said should be home by 6pm depending on how quick i get over the genral xx


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