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My cons mentioned a while ago about changing my meds from fostair to symbicort. At the time my asthma wasn't too bad so was reluctant to swap and 'upset the apple cart' as it were!

However, after nearly 3 months of terribly uncontrolled asthma I am now thinking symbicort may be a good idea. I am due to see cons tomorrow to discuss but just wondered if anyone had used it and how you'd got on with it. I know we all react differently but it's always useful to hear others experiences.



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My wife's asthma used to be much worse than mine and she was on Prednisone for years. Since we married, her asthma has been looked after and is now well controlled. Both she and I now use 2-4 puffs of Salamol reliever daily + 2 puffs morning and evening of Symbicort (200/6) as a preventer. That can go up to 8 puffs a day at need (when we get colds etc..) Since starting the Symbicort, neither of us has wheezed. Nasty chest infections require a course of Prednisone to clear them - for us.

Everyone is different but we have never regretted the switch from other medications.

I hope it works for you as well as it has worked for us.

Good luck!


Hi hev, I take symbicort 400/12 and find it's easy to use. Someone else asked about this inhaler quite recently and if you type symbicort into the search box you should be able to read previous responses. Hope that helps and if you do try it that it works for you. Good luck!


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