should i be concerned?

hi all

just looking for advice really , not be to good today, feeling rather short of breath and had a tight chest all day and i was therefore sent home from college meaning i have yet more work to catch up on . !

because id been feeeling so bad i decided to do a peak flow as i havent done on since last week.

on average i can normallly reach between 300 and 350 but today i only averaged on 175

should i be concered ?


lolly x

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  • Peak Flows

    From your question you do not have an action plan. This should tell you what to do. yea yea! i wonder how many people have one of these even if we are all supposed to have one.

    Peak Flows are quite personal. Some of us manage perfectly well on low ones others do not. But if your peak flows are that proportion of your best and do not improve with your reliever you should at least phone NHS Direct or your doctor and check. I think most people would be told to seek medical help at this level.

  • I hope you feel better soon...If at all worried I would get in touch with NHS Direct, your GP, asthma nurse or your local A&E department.....

    I have a personal action plan and I certainly wouldn't be without mine, I have brittle asthma and my asthma nurses have tailored it for me and they have done such a fab job in supporting me with this and providing me with the plan...If you don't have one you should get one cos they are well worth it..

    Take care x

  • Wow....i have brittle asthma too and don't have an action plan I'm the concerned one!

  • Hello Lolly,

    Yes you should be concerned!!

    This isn't really the place you should be asking for help when your asthma is deteriorating ( please see the terms & conditions of the message board)

    It would be very unwise of us to give you advice as we can't phsyically see you and what problems you are having. With a peak flow of nearly 50% less than normal I would contact your emergency doctor, NHS Direct 0845 46 47 or if you are having problems speaking in sentences, reliever not working etc diall 999.

    Also, I would strongly advise ALL asthmatics to get an Action plan however mild they are. This can be the small basic card issued by AUK or a full page written by a consultant.

    Sorry to be so blunt but I hope this advice helps

    Take care please


  • I dont have a action plan either and I am brittle asthmatic *rubs head* I am waiting for an appointment in post to see a consultant early as having a bit of a ruff time at min not so bad I need to do the 9s but enough to keep me stuck in my flat alot lately. My consultant is on sick longterm so does that mean I have to wait till he finally comes back to ask him for action plan or can I ask the consultant I see when I get appointment through? xx

  • I didnt used to have an asthma plan but last time i was in hospital following two close succession asthma attacks i pestered and pested the doctors for one and now i have one and a respiratory nurse who rings me weekly.

    I would advise you pester the doctors for one as i never used to know what to do and now i am a lot more confident with my asthma and know what to do when. Who to contact etc.

    Go and see your Gp or asthma nusrse any one who doesnt have an asthma plan they are vital to staying healthy!

  • sorry + update !



    and im really sorry to kate , i really am sorry and i understand what you are saying i will be more careful in the future, sorry again

    after a while i felt alot better so didnt take any emergency action. i ve been back to college and i completed the full day plus sat an exam.

    peak flow is better today on average reached 225! so an improvement there.

    thankyou for all advice i had an appoinment at the asthma clinic next week so will be asking for an action plan then

    so thankyou and sorry again

    lolly x

  • Hello Lolly,

    I am glad you are feeling better. Please take care!

    The rest of you... download a plan from the AUK web site and you can fill some of it in for starters!! eg best PF, 60% etc and your step up and step down doses if you know them!!


  • hi

    where do i find the downloadable plan




    Asthma attack card & emergency card though via post...

    Or scroll though the publications, go to all about asthma and the last one on the drop down menu.

    I thought there was a downloadable plan somewhere?? If anyone finds it, please let us know! Ta!



  • asthma UK action plan here as PDF

    (note- when copied and pasted link into browser, you need to remove the %20 from the pasted link or space in documents)

  • Many thanks Woody!

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