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Broncosocpy & Vocal Cord Analysis ... 1 weeks time

Oh the things they seem to want to shove up my nose at Wythenshawe hospital makes me chuckle :) After my appointment today with my Chronic Cough Consultant I'm now booked in to have a test for VCD (big thank you for the heads up on here on the condition) with a Broncosocpy on 15th Nov. They have also mentioned about doing a Lung Wash at the same time ... Yeh I was fine till she said how they check my vocal cords. The last time they shoved a tube up my nose it collapsed and wouldn't stop bleeding, so you can bet I'm so not looking forward to that bit. Oh and the team won't be looking forward to sedating me to get the tube into my lungs afterwards, took 4 of them to hold me down when sedated last time too LOL! Poor things my legs are alot stronger these days too hehe oops.

Just hope it shows something so they can start to treat it, otherwise it's gonna be a long Winter!

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Glad they are looking into the VCD, could be helpful if you do have it and they can sort that. Have you had a bronch before then or was it just the nose? For mine they put in a cannula beforehand (not great but ok) and sedated me before anything started (for me it didn't really do anything but think that's just me, I tend to have odd reactions to that sort of thing). They stuck it down my nose and looked at vocal cords, asked me to make some strange noises to see cords in action, then went down into lungs to have a look around.

I was a bit worried about the nose aspect too - my nose is quite small and I used to have a lot of nosebleeds though haven't had any recently. It was ok though, probably because they put it down the right nostril and my nosebleeds were always from the left. I believe it's also possible to put the tube down your throat instead (not sure if possible when they're looking at vocal cords) but maybe worth explaining to them that you've had problems before when they put tubes there in case they can come up with something?

I'll bump up my bronchoscopy thread in General in case it's helpful - though if you have had one before you'll know the drill!


Yeah, just having a quick look with a camera?! Didn't know there was chronic cough specialists. Was it them that organised the VCD test? Am going through the whole you can't have asthma as spirometry/lung function/bloods/bronchial challenge ok but done when well. Typical asthma symptoms and peak flow dips though?!

Anyone know if it would show on these tests? He basically said off to difficult asthma clinic for me if physio doesn't help as could do no more with atypical or not asthma at all.

Have had nasal endoscopes ok several times in ENT for pre/post surgery sinus/deviated septum.


TJ, I had a bronch which was totally normal despite being SOB, coughing and with rib pain at the time (which I now know was all connected to asthma). They didn't take any samples though, just said no inflammation shown (and they weren't looking at asthma stuff really, cons just wanted to look for VCD and the cons at the bronch said they might as well look at lungs too). At least cons is willing to refer you on if he doesn't have answers!



I have had normal results for spirometry, lung function tests (30% better than expected for someone my size and age), bronchial challenge, hyperventilation test, bronchoscopy and CT scan. (A separate abnormal lung function result discovered). I am attending a difficult asthma clinic and have been diagnosed with atypical asthma due to my very good response to prednisolone. And possibly steroid resistant.

The consultant is insisting he sees me each appt as I am so unusual and the registrars will not know what to do with me and will only refer me back to him.

Sorry to hijack your post MooMoo and good luck with your test,

Jac xx


No worries :) the more people know about these types of procedures the better in my opinion, it s scary enough without understanding what's going to happen.

I've had a bronco before just didn't react well to it and the sedation is all ... That and my nasal cavity collapsing from the camera! Just want it to be done and get the results now either way.

I've been seeing a chronic cough specialist at Wythenshawe teaching hospital in Manchester as my local hospital couldn't help me. My specialist is amazing and always reassures me and listens which is the most important thing to me. During some tests about 5 years ago they discovered that I have a hiatus hernia, misplaced diaphragm and GORD which was making me have a chronic cough constantly. If this broncos comes back showing that I've also now got VCD that's being aggregated by my GORD I don't know what I will do as its impossible to control at the minute

I'll let you all know how the test goes LOL xx


Thanks for all the replies. Moomoo (great user name) good luck with the bronchoscopy. Sorry for slight diversion again but JF who do you see @ Southmead I think I remember you saying before? PM me if you'd rather. Cons. didn't think there was anyone there (it would be much closer) and could only think of the Brompton


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