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just thought i would share some information i have just been given. i have had accupuncture on my hand and the physio said that research shows that accupuncture can be benefical to asthma sufferers. i have read some reports on line and they have all been negative, has anyone tried it if so what is the effect on your asthma. can anyone give me enlightenment on this.

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Hi Belinda

I have had accupuncture weekly for the past 4 or so years to help me manage the pain in my arm/neck after an accident, where the surgery helped me regain movement but not the pain.

I have not found that it affects my asthma either good or bad and have had enough of it to know that if it was going to it would of by now!

Not heard anything negative about it or positive either way, but just started to see a homeopath to see if she can give me more long term releif than a week and she mentioned that some of this can have good results with asthma as they treat the whole body rather than the problem, but time will see on that one!

Take care



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