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Celiac Disease, Asthma & Dehydration

Interesting article that I came across whilst googling. Might be of interest.

Celiac Disease, Asthma & Dehydration


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The comments below the article are interesting.

Can a Gluten Free Diet Treat Asthma?



Coeliac Disease

This is interesting as I was tested a few months ago as my chest consultant retired and new young consultant took his place and the first thing he said was that he was going to test me for coeliac disease as this is something he does routinely now on all patients. He said he found a difficult to control asthmatic had coeliac disease and improved 100% when he was diagnosed and started the gluten free diet. My blood test was negative but appreciated him thinking outside the box!.


Yes, it is interesting - sounds like you have a good consultant there.

My sister has coeliac disease so it has got me thinking about whether a gluten intolerance in her manifests itself in coeliacs disease with her and asthma for myself.

There is a lot of research now more or less indicating that gluten - i.e. wheat - is really bad for us. The theory is that we basically evolved over millions of years as hunter-gatherers eating protein and vegetables and that, as we only began farming and hence eating wheat about 12,000 years ago, that the body is simply not designed to digest wheat and hence wheat acts as an inflammatory in the body.

They think the same about milk and also potatoes. Two sites looking at this are:



What has shocked me, now being an avid reader of food ingredients, is how many food products are choc full of gluten - I mean, they even cover many makes of frozen chip in wheat dust now which, bearing in mind there is a type of asthma known as 'baker's asthma' where people working in bakeries get asthma from wheat dust, kinda makes me think about the possible links between increases in asthma and the huge increase in gluten in our foodstuffs.

A friend of mine suffered badly from hayfever but he gave up wheat over the winter and he says he has not suffered this Summer with hayfever.


I have been diagnosed with IBS but even though I am avoiding most of the foods that seemed to affect that it is not improving. My youngest son has all the signs of CD but his blood tests came back negative. We are going to get him tested again as we need to know once and for all what he is allergic too so we can aviod it. I do know that when we had just 10 day son a gluton and wheat free diet and home cooked food was also dairy free his bowels improved loads but once he had wheat/gluton in his day for just 1 meal because of a party it was gone again. The poor little lad is always ill as well and we can't toilet train him even though he will be 3 next month.

Dehydration I have found is happening ot me a lot at the moment because of the amount of attacks I ma having. This info is great and I magoin got push for CD tests to be done on me just to see if it is linked to my un-controllable asthma the past 7 months have been a nightmare and I just want it to stop


Blood tests and CD

Please read the following link for latest information regarding blood tests and CD. At my clinic, several patients who initially tested negative for CD on blood tests, were found to have the condition when subjected to further testing.


Hope this is helpful,




After several years of Colpermin etc. with no joy, I turned to homeopathy and found my answer in essential oils. In particular, Neroli rubbed over the cramping area. Seemed to work for me as I no longer suffer from IBS.

NB Please check with your GP first though. Just because it comes from a health food store doesn't mean its safe for everyone. Never use neat. Dilute in baby or olive oil.

Check the purity of your essential oil - one drop on a tissue should evaporate leaving no mark. If there is an oily mark left, the oil has been diluted. I use Tisserand or Lothian Herbs.


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